18 julio 2016 at 7:22 pm (Tecnología y medicína)

sexo-2The question of pleasure and the pursuit of Happiness, has always been a huge attraction for philosophers from Plato to Nietzsche, from Aristotle to Mill, Hume Epicurus. And it also seems irresistible to the great mass of people who are not dedicated to professional philosophy, judging by the big blockbusters that are getting a swarm of self-appointed shamans, alleged prophets and irrefutable cantamañanas, which make up what is known as “Happiness industry.”ejerci-4
But the science of happiness is something else. One of the best experienced psychologists of our time, the psychologist at Harvard University DAN GILBERT. And the data say that the secret of happiness is in FOUR daily activities, accessible to any pocket, and are “SEX-YEAR-MUSIC- AND CONVERSATION”. (Self-help books do not appear in the list).música-6
Psychology is a fundamental experimental part of the so-called cognitive sciences, an alloy of Neurobiology, genetics, molecular biology, physics, mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence and Yes psychology today, is our best hope of understanding the human brain, (which has 200,000 million neurons that carry inside the skull.conversacion-8
Article published in the DigiCal Country dated 07/17/2016 by journalist Javier Sampedro. Excellent!. Out2 sAL2.


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18 julio 2016 at 7:15 pm (Tecnología y medicína)

La cuestión del placer y la búsqueda de la Felicidad, ha supuesto siempre una enorme atracción para los filósofos de Platón a Nietzche, de Aristóteles a Mill, de Epicuro a Hume . Y también parece irresistible para la gran masa de gente que no se dedica a la filosofía profesional, a juzgar por los grandes éxitos de ventas que está consiguiendo un enjambre de autoproclamados chamanes, presuntos profetas e irrebatibles cantamañanas, que conforman, lo que se conoce como “la industria de la Felicidad”.ejerc-3
Pero la ciencia de la felicidad es otra cosa. Uno de la mejores psicólogos experimentados de nuestro tiempo, el psicólogo de la Universidad de Harvard DAN GILBERT. Y los datos dicen, que el secreto de la Felicidad, está en CUATRO ACTIVIDADES COTIDIANAS, al alcance de cualquier bolsillo, y son “SEXO-EJERCICIO-MÚSICA- Y CONVERSACIÓN”.música-5 (Los libros de autoayuda, NO aparecen en la lista).
La Psicología, es una parte fundamental de las llamadas ciencias cognitivas, una aleación de Neurobiología, genética, biología molecular, física, matemáticas, computación, inteligencia artificial y Sí psicología experimental que en nuestros días, supone nuestra mejor esperanza de entender el cerebro humano,(que tiene 200.000 millones de neuronas que llevamos dentro del cráneo.conversación-7
Artículo publicado en el País Digical con fecha 17-7-2016 por el periodista Javier Sampedro. ¡ Excelente!. Sal2

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27 abril 2016 at 10:43 pm (Tecnología y medicína)

Excellent comments of a retired doctor Madrid, about health.
“The rich die from excessive medical care.”
Interview with Juan Gérvas, MD by Inma Sancis, published in La Vanguardia, which warns of the dangers of preventive medicine.

Juan Gervás 64, lives in Madrid, married to Dr. Mercedes Perez, they have 4 children and 8 grandchildren. Has retired, he has taught at the universities of Valladolid, Autonomous University of Madrid and Johns Hopkins in the US, and have jointly signed a book entitled “Safe and Well” (and free of unnecessary medical interventions). Is it true that the activity of the health system is the third leading cause of death? Yes, US cause 225,000 deaths annually. In Spain medications have some side effects 19 million annually and cause death to 6,500 patients. … It has also been shown that when doctors go on strike deaths fell by 45%. And my statements are based on reliable scientific research. Is not it always better to be safe? Damage prevention perceived long term. Today we know that, for example, hormone replacement therapy to eliminate the symptoms of menopause, used by millions of women, causes heart attacks, strokes and breast cancer (55,000 new cases in the UK). Now early diagnosis is. You are diagnosticaantes and more, but mortality is the same. Early diagnosis does not improve the diagnosis of death. Breast self-examination does not decrease mortality, but doubles biopsies. Cancer cervical smear tests do not diminish, but continue to ten million Pap smears a year in Spain. If you want to reduce cervical cancer, focus on the marginalized population.medicina-9

And prostate cancer? If you want to reduce it, do not screening for prostate cancer in people without symptoms. There are many harmless, histological cancers, which are diagnosed and treated in the name of prevention. … Disappear alone – Yes, or stay quiet. And they are not small tumors, the prostate may represent 60%, and breast cancer 47%, but the breast is removed, radiation therapy, chemotherapy is done, and the life of this woman will revolve around a cancer that would never have killed.MEDICINA-10

Then what do we do? Many cancers decrease by less radiology and controlling industrial toxic. But in this complex world of interests, desires and expectations curdle proposals impossible prevention, intervention without justification that damage to the population with diagnostic tests and consequent treatment. Why refer alone? Normally, those who refer themselves cause no symptoms or discomfort, we who we discovered. In early diagnosis is not part of the population with symptoms.medicina-11

What about vaccines? Vaccines are necessary, but others such as influenza, human papilloma virus, pneumococcus, rotavirus and chickenpox are pure business. Does the flu vaccine is not effective? During the pandemic influenza A Swedish population vaccinated (the theoretical benefit was 50 dead less) and produced 200 cases of narcolepsy in adolescents. Washing hands greatly decreases the transmission of influenza, and 40% of doctors and nurses do not. But the flu vaccine does not reduce infection or deaths, it is not effective \ in healthy people and in people over 65 years, published in the journal The Lancet. To most people they cram pills, as if being old was a disease, and that detracts quality of life and often kills.

And the epidemic cholesterol? His cholesterol level has nothing to do with his prognosis for chances of having myocardial infarction, and most of these heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol or low. In addition, cholesterol lowering treatments are only effective in people who already have coronary problems, in all other cases the treatment is useless and perjudicial.No cholesterol is measured, ……. be happy, because being happy and optimistic adds eight years. And practice the Mediterranean diet, which is not to take tablespoons olive oil, but to put a tablecloth, cutlery and companionship: do not eat in front of the TV. And if you are pregnant, enjoy … Too many ultrasounds? Yes, and they are not justified, nor routine iron and iodine supplements … United States, which is the most interventionist country and more money spent on delivery care, mortality has tripled.
Is it true that dies excess attention? …
– Yes, the poor die for lack of care and rich excess.

A tac 750 radiographs are an adult and a child twice. The radiation received by the population in Japan in World War II is five tacs. Watch out checks!

And vitamins? In rich countries, vitamin supplements are as useless minimum and in many cases harmful.medicina-6
FROZEN LEMON THERAPY (Any kind of lemon served) Many professionals in restaurants and nutritionists are using or consuming the whole lemon, where nothing is wasted. How you can use the whole lemon without waste? Simple … wash the lemon and place in the freezer of your refrigerator. Once the lemon is frozen, use your grater and whole lemon (no need to peel) and sprinkle over your food. Sprinkle in your drinks, wines, salads, ice cream, soups, pasta, pasta sauce, rice, sushi … All foods have an unexpectedly wonderful flavor, something you’ve never tried before. You probably thought that only lemon juice containing vitamin C. Well, we know that lemon peels contain vitamins 5 to 10 times more than the lemon juice itself. And yes, this is what you’ve been missing. But from now on, following this simple procedure to freeze the whole lemon and sprinkle over your dishes, you can eat all the nutrients and more health. Lemon peels rejuvenate your health in the eradication of toxic elements from the body. great! Take advantage of the amazing benefits of lemon! Lemon (Citrus) is a miraculous product to kill cancer cells. Its flavor is pleasant and does not produce the horrific effects of chemotherapy. How many people die while this secret is kept, so as not to jeopardize the large multimillion dollar corporations? You can use any kind of lemon or lime. You can eat the fruit in different ways: pulp, juice, beverages, prepare ice cream, cakes, etc … He is credited with many virtues, but the most interesting is the effect it produces on cysts and tumors. This fruit is tested against cancers of all types. Some say it is very useful for all variants of cancer. It is also regarded as an effective antimicrobial spectrum against bacterial and fungal infections against internal parasites and worms, regulates blood pressure and blood pressure is an antidepressant and combat nervousness. It is an extraordinary alkalizing that regulates the blood pH for optimal health. The source of this information is fascinating: it comes from one of the largest drug manufacturers in the world, says that after more than 20 tests since 1970, extracts revealed that:medicina-12
– Destroys the malignant cells in 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas … The compounds of this result proved 10,000 times better than Adriamycin product, a drug commonly used in the world such as chemotherapy, decreased growth of cancer cells. And what it is even more astonishing: this type of therapy with lemon extract only destroys malignant cancer cells and does not affect healthy cells.

Better late than never! Comparte.Entrevista with Juan Gérvas, MD, by Inma Sanchis, for the newspaper LA VANGUARDIA.-
Traductor de Google para empresas:Google Translator ToolkitTraductor de sitios webGlobal Market Finder

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1 septiembre 2015 at 7:57 pm (Tecnología y medicína)


In medicine it is called “singulto” is an inspiratory sound produced by the sudden and involuntary contraction of the diaphragm at the base of the lungs. Calmar diaphragm, is say, the pattern to follow to end this nuisance, or at least make it as mild as possible.HIPO-6
Since many years ago, has tried to remove this nuisance in many ways, for example, lie on the floor and bring your knees to your chest and hold this position for several minutes, or up and flex your body and touching the tips Foot and thousands more circus postures that have been passed from one another throughout history.
But as science advances it a lot, it seems that the best method hiccups, as explained in the British Medical Jovenal, Dr. Rhys H. Thomas, a pediatrician at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, is a “miracle method” to end hiccups.HIPO-5
The technique involves filling a glass of water, cover their ears and swallow slowly but surely all the liquid. (If you do not have anything to hand plugged ears, cover one hand ears and glass of water is added a straw and problem solved. It has been found that is giving excellent results for people suffering from this, say, persistent discomfort. Salu2

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1 septiembre 2015 at 7:52 pm (Tecnología y medicína)


En medicina se llama “singulto”, es un sonido inspiratorio que se produce por la contracción brusca e involuntaria del diafragma en la base de los pulmones. Calmar el diafragma, es digamos, la pauta a seguir para terminar con esta molestia, o al menos que sea lo más leve posible.HIPO-1
Desde muchos años atrás, se ha intentado quitar esta molestia de muchas formas, como por ejemplo, tumbarse en el suelo y llevar tus rodillas hasta el pecho y, mantener esta posición varios minutos, o bien de pie y flexionar el cuerpo y tocarse las puntas de los pies y muchas más posturas circenses que se han ido pasando de unos a otros a lo largo de la historia.HIPO-4
Pero como la ciencia avanza que es una barbaridad, parece que el mejor método contra el hipo, según explicó en el British Medical Jovenal, el doctor Rhys H. Thómas, pediatra del Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, es un “método milagroso” para acabar con el hipo.
La técnica consiste en llenar un vaso de agua, taparse las orejas y tragar, poco a poco, pero sin pausa todo el líquido.(si no se tiene nada a mano para taponarse los oídos, se tapa uno con las manos las orejas y al vaso de agua se le añade una pajita y problema resuelto. Se ha comprobado que está dando unos resultados excelentes, para las personas que padecen este, digamos, insistente malestar. Salu2

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16 agosto 2015 at 12:34 pm (Tecnología y medicína)

MORE resources.- word, is a form of vital energy. It has been photographed with Positron Emission Tomography, like people who decided to talk to themselves in a more positive way, specifically people with psychiatric disorders, managed to physically reshape their brain structure precisely the circuits that generate them these diseases.
Can we change our brain with good words?
Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1906, said a tremendously powerful sentence, which at the time thought it was metaphorical. We now know that is literal.
“Every human being, if he tries, BE sculptor of his own brain.”
Sure you do not exaggerate ?. DO NOT. Depending on how we talk to ourselves, we shape our emotions change our perceptions. The transformation of the observer (us) alters the observed process. We see the world is, we see the world we are.mente-6
We talk about philosophy or science ?. The words alone, activated tonsil cores. You can enable, for example, the nuclei of fear that transform hormones and mental processes. Scientists at Harvard have shown that when a person is able to reduce the cacophony inside and enter the silence, migraines and coronary pain can be reduced by 80%.
What is the effect of unspoken words ?. We often confuse our views with the truth, and that is transmitted: Perception goes beyond reason. Albert Merhabián Studies, University of California (UCLA), 93% of the impact of a communication goes below Consciousness.
WHY WE CHANGE it IS HARD ?. Fear keeps us out of the comfort zone, we tend to the security of the known, and that attitude prevents us to make. To grow you have to leave that area. Most of the acts of our visa are governed by the unconscious. We react according to some automation that we have incorporated. We think it is the spontaneity, first there must be preparation, if not, there are only automatic. Every time I am more convinced of the power of the mind training.
Give me a track !. Change the habits of thought and train integrity honoring his own word. When we say, “I’ll do this,” and we do not physically alter the brain. The greatest potential is Consciousness. See what is and accept it. If we accept, so we are and what we are not, we can change.mente-7
What you resist persists. Acceptance is the core of the transformation. TRST = Trust. Kinness = Bondadd. HONESTY = Honesty. CARING = Care.
As Solomon said, “The heart is good medicine cheerful and makes the face is beautiful; Sad but espiritud dry bones. PROV: 17:22. Salu2

(Interview by the journalist of the newspaper La Vanguardia, Inma Sanchis, the doctor shook Alonso Puig, physician in General Surgery and Digestive member of the Harvard University Medical School of the New York Academy of Sciences of the American Association for the Advancement of the science)

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16 agosto 2015 at 12:26 pm (Tecnología y medicína)

MÁS RECURSOS.- La palabra, es una forma de energía vital. Se ha podido fotografiar con Tomografía de Emisión de Positrones, como las personas que decidieron hablarse a sí mismas de una manera más positiva, específicamente personas con trastornos psiquiátricos, consiguieron remodelar físicamente su estructura cerebral, precisamente, los circuitos que les generaban estas enfermedades.
¿Podemos cambiar nuestro cerebro con buenas palabras?
Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Premio Novel de Medicina en 1906, dijo una frase tremendamente potente, que en su momento pensamos que era metafórica. Ahora sabemos que es LITERAL.
¿Seguro que no exagera?. NO. Según como nos hablamos a nosotros mismos, moldeamos nuestras emociones que cambian nuestras percepciones. La transformación del observador (nosotros) altera el proceso observado. No vemos el mundo que es, vemos el mundo que somos.mente-2
¿Hablamos de Filosofía o de Ciencia?. Las palabras por sí solas, activan los núcleos amigdalinos. Puede activar, por ejemplo, los núcleos del miedo que transforman las hormonas y los procesos mentales. Científicos de Harvard, han demostrado que cuando la persona consigue reducir esa cacofonía interior y entrar en el silencio, las migrañas y el dolor coronario, puede reducirse un 80%.
¿Cuál es el Efecto de las Palabras no Dichas?. Solemos confundir nuestros puntos de vista con la verdad, y eso se transmite: La percepción va más allá de la razón. Según estudios de Albert Merhabián, de la Universidad de California, (UCLA), EL 93% del impacto de una Comunicación va por debajo de la Consciencia.
¿ POR QUÉ NOS CUESTA TANTO CAMBIAR?. El miedo nos impide salir de la zona de Confort, tendemos a la seguridad de lo conocido, y esa actitud nos impide realizarnos. Para crecer hay que salir de esa zona. La mayor parte de los actos de nuestra visa se rigen por el inconsciente . Reaccionamos según unos automatismos que hemos ido incorporando. Pensamos que es la espontaneidad, primero ha de haber preparación, si no, solo hay automatismos. Cada vez estoy más convencido del poder que tiene el entrenamiento de la mente.
¡Deme una Pista!. Cambie los hábitos de pensamiento y entrena su integridad honrando su propia palabra. Cuando decimos, “Voy a hacer esto”, y no lo hacemos, alteramos físicamente nuestro cerebro. El mayor potencial es la Conciencia. Ver lo que hay y Aceptarlo. Si nos aceptamos, por lo que somos y por lo que no somos, podemos cambiar.mente-4
Lo que se resiste, persiste. La aceptación es el núcleo de la Transformación. TRST= Confianza. KINNESS= Bondadd. HONESTY= Honestidad. CARING= Cuidado.
Como dijo Salomón: “ El Corazón alegre Constituye buen remedio y hace que el rostro sea hermoso; pero el espíritud Triste seca los huesos. PROV: 17:22. Salu2

(Entrevista de la periodista del Diario La Vanguardia, Inma Sanchís, al Doctor Movio Alonso Puig, médico en Cirugía General y del Aparato Digestívo, miembro de la Harvard University Medical School de la New York Academy Of Sciences de la Asociación Americana para el avance de la Ciencia) Enhorabuena Inma. Es una entrevista muy esclarecedora. Salu2

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15 agosto 2015 at 8:32 pm (Tecnología y medicína)


“I told the Illuminati, the meditators and the Elders, now says the science”: “It is our thoughts, which have largely created and continually create our world.”
Today we know that the self confidence, enthusiasm and illusion, have the ability to encourage higher brain functions. The prefrontal area of ​​the brain, where the most advanced thinking, where our future, where we value alternatives and strategies to solve problems and make decisions, are tremendously influenced by the limbic system, which is our emotional brain invents occurs. So “what the heart wants to feel, the mind will just showing. You have to train the mind. ”
More than 25 years practicing surgeon Bottom line ¿?.
I can attest that An expectant person, committed and confident in itself, can go far beyond what might be expected of his career. ¿Psiconeuroinmunobiología? ……
Yes, it is the science that studies the connection between thought, word, mentality and philosophy of man. A connection that challenges the traditional paradigm, thought and speech, are a form of vital energy that has the ability (and has been demonstrated in a sustainable way) interact with the body and produce very profound physical changes.
What is it? .. It has been shown in several studies, a moment entertain a negative thought, stop the immune system in a delicate situation for 6 hours.
The stress, the feeling of permanent oppression, produces very striking changes in brain function, and hormonal constellation. What kind of changes ¿?. It has the ability to damage neurons in memory and learning located in the hippocampus, and it affects our intellectual capacity, because it leaves no blood supply those brain areas most needed to make appropriate decisions.
Do we have resources to fight the enemy within, or Sages thing? ..A Valuable resource changes concern is to bring attention to abdominal breathing, which alone has the capacity to produce changes in the brain. It promotes the secretion of hormones such as serotonin and endorphins and improves tuning of brain rhythms between the two hemispherescerebro-2

  • .
    Change Mind through the Body ?. Whether to make the focus of those thoughts that we are altering, causing discouragement, anger or worry, and make our decisions depart from an inadequate view, is smarter, not more reasonable, take the spotlight breathing, which has the ability to calm our emntal state.
    You say that there must be reasonable? .. Always find reasons to justify our bad mood, stress or sadness, and that’s a certain line of thought. But when we rely on like, “What the heart wants to feel, the mind will just showing”. Exaggerates when our brain gives meaning to something, we live it, as the absolute reality, without being aware that it is only an interpretation of reality.
    Interview journalist Inma Doctor Sanchis, Movio Alonso Puig, a specialist in General Surgery and Gastroenterology, a member of the Harvard University School of the New York Academy os Sciences, told The Vanguardia.-

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    15 agosto 2015 at 8:12 pm (Tecnología y medicína)

    “Lo decían los Iluminados, los Meditadores y los Sabios, ahora también lo dice la ciencia”:” Son nuestros pensamientos, los que en gran medida han creado y crean continuamente nuestro mundo”.
    Hoy sabemos, que la confianza en uno mismo, el entusiasmo y la ilusión, tienen la capacidad de favorecer las funciones superiores del cerebro. La zona prefrontal del cerebro, el lugar donde tiene lugar el pensamiento más avanzado, donde se inventa nuestro Futuro, donde valoramos alternativas y estrategias, para solucionar los problemas y tomar decisiones, están tremendamente influida por el sistema Límbico, que es nuestro cerebro emocional. Por eso “Lo que el Corazón quiere sentir, la mente se lo acaba mostrando. Hay que entrenar esa Mente “.
    Más de 25 años ejerciendo de cirujano ¿Conclusión ¿?.
    Puedo atestiguar que una persona Ilusionada, comprometida y que confía en sí misma, puede ir mucho más allá de lo que cabría esperar de su trayectoria. ¿Psiconeuroinmunobiología?……
    Sí, es la ciencia que estudia la conexión que existe entre el Pensamiento, la Palabra, la Mentalidad y la Filosofía del ser humano. Una conexión que desafía el paradigma tradicional, el Pensamiento y la Palabra, son una forma de energía vital, que tiene la capacidad( y ha sido demostrado de forma sostenible), de interactuar con el organismo y producir cambios físicos muy profundos.
    ¿De qué se trata?.. Se ha demostrado en diversos estudios que, Un Minuto entreteniendo un Pensamiento Negativo, deja el sistema inmunitario en una situación delicada durante 6 horas.cerebro-2
    El stress, esa sensación de agobio permanente, produce cambios muy sorprendentes en el funcionamiento del cerebro, y en la constelación hormonal. ¿Qué tipo de Cambios ¿?. Tiene la capacidad de Lesionar neuronas de la memoria y del aprendizaje localizadas en el Hipocampo, y afecta a nuestra capacidad intelectual, porque deja sin riego sanguíneo aquellas zonas del cerebro más necesarias para tomar decisiones adecuadas.
    ¿Tenemos recursos para combatir al Enemigo Interior, o es cosa de Sabios? ..Un valioso recurso cambia la preocupación, es llevar la atención a la Respiración Abdominal, que tiene por sí sola la capacidad de producir cambios en el cerebro. Favorece la secreción de hormonas como la Serotonína y la Endorfína y mejora la sintonia de ritmos cerebrales entre los dos hemisferios.cerebro-4
    ¿Cambiar la Mente a través del Cuerpo?. Si hay que sacar el foco de atención de esos pensamientos que nos están alterando, provocando desánimo, ira o preocupación, y que hacen que nuestras decisiones partan desde un punto de vista inadecuado, es más inteligente, no más razonable, llevar el foco de atención a la respiración, que tiene la capacidad de serenar nuestro estado emntal.
    ¿Dice que no hay que ser razonable?.. Siempre encontraremos razones para justificar nuestro mal humor, estrés o tristeza, y eso es una línea determinada de pensamiento. Pero cuando nos basamos en Cómo, “Lo que el Corazón quiere Sentir, la Mente se lo acaba Mostrando”. EXAGERA, cuando nuestro cerebro da un significado a algo, nosotros lo vivimos, como la absoluta realidad, sin ser conscientes de que solo es una interpretación de la realidad.(Entrevista de la periodista Inma Sanchís para el Diadio La Vanguardia, al Doctor Movio Alonso Puig, médico especialísta en Cirugía General del Aparato Digestivo. Miembro de la Harvard University Medical School de la New York Academi of Sciences de la Asociación americana para el avance de la ciencia.

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    TENDREMOS QUE EXIGIRLO.(We have to Demand).-

    29 mayo 2012 at 10:51 pm (Tecnología y medicína)

    Comentadlo all women: daughters, nieces, granddaughters, mothers, girlfriends and friends for their comments and their wives.
    On Wednesday, Dr. Oz was a program showing why Thyroid Cancer is spreading rapidly among women. Said there is probably a result of dental x-rays and mammograms. In the dental radiologists apron placed on the chest, a small tab that can be lifted and is attached to the neck (thyroid gland plugging). Usually dentists DO NOT USE OR notified!.
    There is also a “THYROID GUARDIAN” to be used for mammograms … that MUST APPLY TO it done.
    Then comes the comment. “Yesterday, by chance I had to get a mammogram, and asked a technician for the Save Thyroid and completely safe, it took from a drawer. I asked why not routinely offered, and he said:
    I do not know, just have to request it. Now I wonder: how could I know about this having happened if I had not seen the program?
    Dear friends. Just sent me and I believe in solidarity with our neighbors we all lifted up, so I share it!!.

    Comentadlo a todas las mujeres: hijas, sobrinas, nietas, madres, amigas y a los amigos para que lo comenten con sus respectivas mujeres.
    El pasado miércoles, el Dr. Oz hizo un programa mostrando porqué el Cáncer de Tiroides se está expandiendo rápidamente entre las mujeres. Allí expresó que posiblemente sea consecuencia de las radiografías dentales y las MAMOGRAFÍAS. En el delantal que los radiólogos dentales ponen en el pecho, hay una pequeña pestaña que puede ser levantada y se adosa al cuello (tapando la glándula Tiroides). Normalmente los dentistas NO LA USAN, NI AVISAN !!!.
    También hay un “GUARDA TIROIDES” para ser usado durante las mamografías…que HAY QUE SOLICITARLO AL HACÉRSELA.
    Luego viene el comentario. “Ayer, casualmente tuve que hacerme la mamografía, y le pregunté al técnico por el Guarda Tiroides, y totalmente seguro, lo sacó de un cajón. Le pregunté por qué no lo ofrecían de forma rutinaria, y me respondió:
    No sé, simplemente tienen que solicitarlo. Ahora me pregunto: ¿ cómo podría yo haberme enterado de esto si de casualidad no hubiera visto el programa ?
    Estimadas amigas y amigos. Me lo acaban de enviar y creo que ser solidarios con nuestro prójimo nos enaltece a todos, por eso lo comparto !!!!.

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