29 mayo 2017 at 11:17 am (Frases)

Con el tiempo fui cambiando, aceptando y aprendiendo. Ya no discuto….solo escucho los consejos y opiniones de la gente, que en verdad me quiere. Si alguien se quiere ir de mi vida, no lo detengo. Y si me fallan, solo me alejo…aprendí de lo que me molesta, se evita. Lo que se va, es porque no hace falta y que donde la ignorancia habla, la Inteligencia calla…..” Sin duda vivo más tranquilo”. ¡¡ Si eliges tener una mente cerrada, por favor elige tener la boca cerrada también”.-Sal2

Over time I was changing, accepting and learning. I no longer discuss …. I only listen to the advice and opinions of people, who really love me. If someone wants to leave my life, I do not stop. And if they fail me, I just walk away … I learned what bothers me, is avoided. What goes away is because it is not necessary and that where ignorance speaks, Intelligence is silent ….. “I certainly live more tranquil”. If you choose to have a closed mind, please choose to keep your mouth shut too. “- Sal2

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15 mayo 2017 at 10:38 pm (Frases)

Cuales son los factores que destruyen al ser humano. Él respondió así:
La Política sin Principios, el Placer sin Compromiso, la Riqueza sin Trabajo, la Sabiduría sin Carácter, los Negocios sin Moral, la Ciencia sin Humanidad y la Oración sin Caridad……Sal2
They asked Gandhi ….
What are the factors that destroy the human being? He replied thus:
Politics without Principles, Pleasure without Compromise, Wealth without Work, Wisdom without Character, Business without Morality, Science without Humanity and Prayer without Charity ……

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13 mayo 2017 at 6:48 pm (Frases)


If someone can do it, it means that I can do it too. If nobody can do it, it means that I must be the first to do so ………
¡ Si alguien puede hacerlo, significa que yo también puedo hacerlo. Si nadie puede hacerlo, significa que debo ser el primero en hacerlo……… ¡

¡ Si alguien puede hacerlo, que lo haga él. Si nadie puede hacerlo…¿ Por qué tengo que hacerlo yo ¿?………

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21 marzo 2016 at 8:33 pm (Frases)

All women of the world are eager to get home, to take off his heels, except those living in the upstairs ……
“Life is like a roundabout, you never know where you will leave an asshole” … ..
” I come in peace !!!!”
And the ax ¿? ….. You Fool For if you put yourselves !!!.
“When Madurese find me on the swings …… .I am”.
Two tramps under a bridge … .; each other.
I recognize that I have returned to vote the same, I can not risk losing what we have already achieved !!!!
A Child to Your Friend … “No Me Gusta Easter .. !!! friend: You do not have to go if you do not like !! …. El Niño … ‘I live in the center of Seville !!!!.
If your girlfriend tells you, he loves you with all his might, then loves you, because the sum of all forces equals CERO.-
A COUPLE AT HOME: We’ve lost the spark … Before you fuck you loved on the table …. And now I feel tense …… It’s that are eating Children¡¯s !!!!!!
A CHICA.- A pretty girl says: I have a new guitar. I’ll play a while ..¡ guitar and will premiere tomorrow !!
DA = But do not let you use them. AMA = But do not let your heart be abused. TRUST = But do not be naive. HEAR = But do not waste your own voz.- Salu2
Waiter, to take some spaghetti, and my wife a pizza with mushrooms, eggplant, and olives … Caprichosa ¿? .. Until eggs have me !!!!.
Mom … I how I was conceived ¿? … Well, Dad put a seed, watered, grew marijuana, and smoked us … .me slammed into the washing machine …… ..ima-5
I have a question … .¿ Sex reconciliation must be the same person who you fight … or be with another ¿.?
My Child, you’ll drugs ???. Daughter: No, why did … Mother: Because you’re chopping onions with the Visa ….
I Love … I ….- makeup depends much ??? ..? Are you going to go out with your friends or think ?? kill Batman.
FRASE.- DA- But do not let you use them. AMA But do not let your heart be abused. Confides But do not be naive. ESCUCHA- but do not lose your voice.
FRASE.- The idea is to die young as late as possible ….
My Mother in Law, thinks I’m God … .sabe that I exist, but I can not see ….
FRASE.- Did you know that man suffers more than you think, that what actually happens ??.ima-6
FRASE.- what today is not valued … … .mañana laments.
THE SUEGRA.- The mother wanting fracas … asks the nuera..¿ Why my grandson, not my son looks ¿? ¿… The daughter answers … I do not know lady, I have a vagina not a photocopier !!!.fo-2
One night, a man did not sleep at home. The next day he told his wife that he had slept over at a friend’s house. She called 10 best friends of her husband. 8 confirmed that he slept at home …. And 2 said they STILL, was there … this is friendship … or not ??? .-

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2 marzo 2016 at 8:25 pm (Frases)

Yo no digo nunca lo que creo, ni creo nunca lo que digo, y si se me escapa alguna verdad, de vez en cuando, la escondo…entre tantas mentiras, que es difícil reconocerla. Exactamente lo que hacen los políticos del mundo.
never say what I think, I never believe what I say, and if some truth escapes me, from time to time, I hide … among so many lies, it is difficult to recognize. Exactly what the politicians of the world.

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25 noviembre 2015 at 1:22 am (Frases)

Hay amores donde te arrepientes de haberles dado el corazón. Pero hay otros, donde te remuerde la conciencia, no haberles dado hasta el Alma……… Nadie nota tus lágrimas, Nadie nota tu tristeza, Nadie nota tu dolor, PERO TODOS NOTAN TUS ERRORES.
Me aburrí de ser buena gente, y de ser amable con quién No LO ES. De comprender a quién no comprende, y de hacer por quién no hace….¿ Ahora?….. Ahora daré el doble de lo que a mí me dan…¿Por qué ¿?…. PORQUE SE DA LO QUE SE RECIBE…..Por eso es que….Mismo Valor, Misma Importancia……..Am-2
¡Cuando parece estar TODO perdido, Siempre aparece un rayo de SOL……………………A veces…… ¡
“ Qué Triste cuando alguien te busca, SOLO cuando te necesita, pero más TRISTE es, que esa persona PIENSE QUE UNO NO SE DA CUENTA……..Amo-3
“No me acostumbro a este mundo de Cosas Caras, Personas Baratas, Valores en Rebajas y…. SENTIMIENTOS EN LIQUIDACIÓN.”
Si te dicen, “que ya no hay Magia en la Relación, es porque, ya le están haciendo Trucos con otra Varita……..”
“Mucha gente, especialmente la Ignorante, desea castigarte por decir la Verdad, por ser Correcto, por ser Tú…..Nunca te disculpes por ser correcto, o por estar años por delante de tu tiempo….Si estás en lo cierto y lo sabes, que hable Tú corazón, incluso si eres una minoría de Uno solo, La Verdad sigue siendo La Verdad……… MAHATMA GANDHI.-
There are loves which you regret having given him the heart. But there are others where your conscience, not having given up the Alma ……… No one notices your tears, your sadness Nobody notices, No note your pain, but everyone notices your mistakes.
I got tired of being good people and being friendly with who is not. To understand who does not understand, and who does not do for … .¿ now? ….. Now I will give you double what they give me … why? …. BECAUSE WHAT IS GIVEN ..Por RECEIVED … that is … .Mismo value, equally important …… .Am-3.
When everything looks lost, Always a sunbeam appears …………………… …… Sometimes
“How sad when someone searches for you, just when you need it, but sadder is that person THINK ONE does not realize …… ..
“I’m not accustomed to this world of things you Face, People inexpensive, and … Sale Securities. FEELINGS IN LIQUIDATION. ”
If you say, “that there is no magic in the relationship is because, as you are doing tricks with another wand …… ..”Am-4
“Many people, especially the ignorant, want to punish you for telling the truth, being right, for being you … ..Nunca apologize for being correct, or being years ahead of your time … if you’re right and You know, you speak your heart, even if you are a minority of one, the truth remains the truth ……… MAHATMA GANDHI.-

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13 octubre 2015 at 6:09 pm (Frases)

No somos fríos, si no por Abundancia de Decepciones….
We are not cold, if not Disappointments galore ….Salu2

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LO QUE HOY NO…..What today No.-

13 octubre 2015 at 6:03 pm (Frases)

Lo que hoy No se Valora….Mañana se Lamenta…..Salu2
What today No Regrets Rate …. Tomorrow …..Salu2

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13 octubre 2015 at 5:57 pm (Frases)

“Que triste cuando alguien te busca solo cuando te necesita, pero más triste es que esa persona piense que uno No se da cuenta…Salu2”
“How sad when someone searches only when you need it, but sadder is that people think you do not realize … Salu2”

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13 octubre 2015 at 5:48 pm (Frases)


¿ Sabías que, el ser humano, sufre más por lo que imagina, que por lo que realmente sucede?.No te hagas películas y disfruta más la vida.
Did you know that, man suffers more than you think, that what actually happens? ..Do not make more movies … and enjoy life more.

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