6 noviembre 2016 at 4:12 pm (el amor brujo)

Una familia feliz, está en la mesa para cenar cuando uno de los hijos hace una pregunta….Papá..¿ Cuantos tipos de Pechos o Tetas de mujer existen ¿? El padre algo sorprendido, responde:sorprendido
Bien hijo, existen tres tipos. De los 15 hasta los 30 años, la mujer tiene unos pechos como manzanas o peras, firmes y lindos, da placer verlos.pechos-15-30 De los 30 años a los 50, son como mangos, todavía bellos, aunque un poco caídos…de-30-a-50. .A los 60 años, son como cebollas…el hijo dice cebollas ¿?…El padre respondió Sí. Cuando las miras te dan ganas de llorar.a-los-60-anos
Esta explicación lleva a la hija, a decir a su madre…Mamá.. ¿Cuántos tipos de Penes existen?? La madre queda también un poco sorprendida, pero mirando al marido, responde:sorprendida Bueno hijita, un hombre pasa por tres fases distintas. De los 15 años a los 30, el pene es como un tronco de jacaranda, respetable y firme.hombre-de-los-15-a-los-30 De los 30 años a los 50, en pene es como un tronco de Sauce llorón, flexible, pero confiable.30-a-50-anos
Después de los 60 años, el pene queda, como un árbol de Navidad. La hija dice…¿árbol de Navidad ¿?..La madre responde: Eso mismo, ¡ Muerto de la raíz a la punta, y las bolas cuelgan ..como decoración!!!!!! Y lo peor:¡¡¡¡ sólo se monta una vez al año!!!!!mas-de-60-anos!
De Nieves Cucala. Un Sal2 muy cordial

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17 mayo 2016 at 10:37 pm (el amor brujo)

Not long ago, it is displaced in Madrid, for work, and after an intense day of meetings, and, with the sun at sunset, finally left to breathe different air. We were three friends, and I really do not know what to do, but one of them, Madrid, gave us a surprise that we Tastings. If, tasting very famous wineries and … expensive and there we met, “again,” but this time, more relaxed.
We were about twenty-five people, including women too, and indeed very skilled in the art. The thing went in a good way, where experts were explaining to us the properties of these delicacies. Typically in these cases, when they serve drinks, not drink all the wine they put you, because when you take a few, do not know if you’re in a tasting or buying goats in Abrucena.
After the “tour”, as it happens to see who wants a box of the wines presented, and casual charlitas staff was present, and we find the company Madalena, Mada, for friends, Loli, and Marisa, enormously sympathetic and “lively” that started chatting wine and we “ran” towards sex, which we were certainly surprised by his sincerity.-5
They said :, Look, who’s the boss in bed, is we, if there is good vibes, the guy I like and competent, brown liam, but if the subject is a gilipuertas, I give long, with a few moves .hacer hip and … heck. Most guys have no idea how to make pajolera run to a woman, and the first to be “going” is he, so a disaster, commented Loli. Most, really, very cute, very cute, but Uff, however, once a friend, made me “feel” as ever, as I said, just when we were naked in bed, in the posture missionary, ie normal, so far nothing “helicopter” I lying before he penetrated me, have shrunken legs, feet stepping on the bed, and knees facing the ceiling. And also, legs put him above the shoulders and is super excitante..¿ What has this stance as does that get me “magic wand” reaches deeper the third G point, we have women and is “crazy”, which we repeated several times during the night ……-6
The talk was very “animated” and commented, we, that “there is much meanness” in the relationships of time. At first everything is “cinema” but time goes by, and increasingly less daring things, or not do, and No, it is done as before. These loving relationships are slowing down a staggering way, “as if nothing was wrong,” and if it passes. The number of people who “is happily married or with a partner, and both have horns Miura”, by sloppiness, lack of emotions and try the candle will not be extinguished for lack of stimuli.baile-del-regazo-1-201x300
Marisa, also according to her friends, but keep in mind, “as the yard is”, and uncles, like much “change”, good to us too, when we see what we have, we are not satisfied in all the senses.

On the contrary there, “who know exactly” which keys to play, so that we feel princesses … It was the turn of us, commenting, it is true that there are enough suckers in the case of jodienda, but also, there are on your side, that there is no one “will kick Sota Horse and King” and is quite boring, pointed Antonio. Let’s see, almost all going to the same, have fun, have a drink, and if you connect with someone known or not, because it can be a good wonderful time, if they have both the same mentality, it can be a perfect day, Joseph said.-7
It’s nice that of sexuality, well understood and made by people who think about sharing something special and especially PROVIDING, what comes to mind, what you think and carry it out without bullshitting and racanería, that life is two days and we must seize the moment by providing what he knows. We reached the point of comment, that there are people that three villages and is passed with some aggressive treatment in bed. I know there are many women who will march, and like the macho man, hit him in the ass whipping four open hand, but also more dangerous, those swipes sticking them on tits.-8
These muscled, they do not measure the strength of whiplash, and in one breast, can cause problems, such as a hematoma, resulting in a more dangerous disease. I seem to be welcome all kinds of games in bed, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, above the closet, on the counter, even on the beach … I love, but the couple always agrees with the games.
The latter is Matice me. Alberto, who kept taking drinks, laugh, and look at us and tell us. Look! that sex is different, curious, dramatic, of course depending on who, if the other party … puts his hand the night can be incredible, not as a friend of mine in Venezuela, that when they were in available in the hotel room, the girl naked and … ..when takes off her panties … it .apareció “… the horn of the bull.”. that is was a guy … joderrrr !!!!, he did not notice anything as he met with a drink and talk, so he did not notice, because both his face, body, voice not betrayed him, or was so drunk and , who mistook gasoline tuna puree. INCREDIBILE! As some foreigners say.-9
As for the positions, are interesting some, others better left for the Olympics, given the vicissitudes, the muscles that have the individual. But regardless of the “alphabet” of the Kamasutra, one can also invent things on the fly, if there is good vibes, and … .. (important), there is no train to catch, so, “I have no hurry slowly, and may be a late night … .entretenida.
I pointed that for these things, do not hurry. It’s like a commandment. Where do you go with the rush to buy olives ¿?. No, really ¿?, Then relax, have fun, eat drink, sucks, bites (carefully) do not run, enjoy every second of the clock, sucks her toes, and begins to climb the mountain of Venus, or Mars, or the moon, and develops the fan in you both like each other, do not be stingy on this.-10
Who make millions of men who have no chance of making the “exercises” because the vast majority visit brothels, or have mistresses … .a close range and make full the saying, I can not find at home, looking at The street.
The wine tasting was excellent, and the conversation also by the clarity of words. salu2

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15 mayo 2016 at 12:02 am (el amor brujo)

They call it love.
We talk every day to make love. But you dig into the matter and it often is just sex. What it is very pleasant and necessary practice, of course, but just that.
We’ve all been attracted to a person at a given moment, obviously we have not lying, I say lying because it is the way to symbolize the act. But this time is the first phase of another meeting on another occasion, if any, if we have copulated, but I think that love was not present, rather it was the attraction, accompanied by the need to enjoy any living creature. Then the destination will fit and write its history.amor-2
Love is give everything for the person you love, even in the distance, is to be faithful in thought and deed.
I do not think about filial love, at this time since it is a concept already innate in us when we are born until we die, unless some Denatured not have.amor-3
Occasionally open my trunk feelings, and find past loves, I love that failed to term simply because in my life had drawn another way. I believe sincerely that, although my heart surrender to someone else, the memories of yesteryear left a notch in the soul.
After life puts obstacles needed to validate feelings, because like everything in this world. Things do not work effortlessly.

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10 marzo 2016 at 1:32 am (el amor brujo)

¡PARA COMPLETAR NUESTRA CULTURA GENERAL! El príncipe Don Juan, hijo de los Reyes Católicos, decide crear en 1.497 una casa conocida como mancebía debido a la numerosa presencia de mujeres de “vida alegre” en la ciudad de Salamanca. Ese mismo año el príncipe muere a la edad de 19 años. El dictamen oficial afirmaba que su muerte se debía a un esfuerzo en su amor matrimonial por dejar un heredero, pero el pueblo comentaba que la causa había sido la enfermedad contraída en su alterne con ciertas mujeres. mujeres. La mancebía, que fue sometida a concurso mediante pregón, se situó al lado del Colegio de Fonseca y se establecieron ciertas normas: la profesión no podía ser ejercida por mujeres casadas, con padres en esta ciudad, ni mulatas. Antes del anochecer, las mujeres debían recogerse en esta casa y permanecer en ella toda la noche. Aquellas que ejerciesen y salieran por la ciudad debían llevar las puntillas de sus enaguas de color gris parduzco como distintivo, de ahí el conocido dicho “ir de picos “ir de picos pardos”. La multa por no llevar la indumentaria ascendía a 300 maravedíes, y estaba prohibido ejercer en días de fiesta, en Cuaresma y Vigilia.mancebía-2 El “padre putas” era el encargado del orden del barrio y de que las mujeres pasaran las y de que las mujeres pasaran las revisiones médicas. La función por la que era conocido es la que ha dado lugar al famoso “lunes de aguas” “lunes de aguas” .El Miércoles de Cenizas el padre putas reunía a todas estas mujeres para sacarlas de la ciudad y llevarlas al otro lado del río, donde pasaban los 40 días de Cuaresma. La octava de Pascua, 8 días después de la Resurrección, los estudiantes partían a buscar a las mujeres en barcas, ya que éstas no podían pasar por el puente romano. Las barcas iban adornadas con abundantes ramas, por lo que acabó llamándose “rameras” “rameras” a las mujeres que albergaban en la mancebía. Esa tarde toda la gente de la ciudad se acercaba al río para cotillear y festejar el alborozo de estudiantes y mujeres de vida alegre. En este día de vida alegre.mancebía-3 En este día de campo se merendaba el hornazo, una empanada a base de harina de trigo rellena del mejor jamón, chorizo y lomo de la casa, acompañado de un buen vino. Hoy cada lunes de aguas los salamantinos salen al campo y algunos se acercan hasta las orillas del Tormes para festejar este día acompañados del hornazo, que también sirve acompañamiento habitual en sus meriendas o celebraciones familiares ¿Curioso, no?

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P E N E S.-

2 marzo 2016 at 8:05 pm (50 cosas que, el amor brujo)

No es fácil ser un PENE. Tengo una Cabeza, y no puedo pensar… un ojito, y no puedo ver. Tengo que andar siempre, con las bolas de corbata. Mi vecino más cercano huele a rayos, y siempre está echando gases. Mi mejor amiga, huele a pescado, y cada vez que me excito termino vomitando.
¿No es una vida desgraciada ¿??.-
It is not easy being a PENIS. I have a head, and I can not think … A little eye, and I can not see. I have to always walk with balls tie. My nearest neighbor smells rays, and is always throwing gases. My best friend, smells fishy, and every time I get excited finished throwing up.
It is not a miserable life ?? .-

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22 febrero 2016 at 9:40 pm (el amor brujo)

La piel de uno, de No rozarla con otra piel, se va agrietando…. Los labios de No rozarlos, con otros labios, se van secando…. Los ojos, de no mirarse con otros ojos, se van cerrando… El cuerpo, de No sentir otro cuerpo cerca, se va olvidando….. El Alma, de No entregarse, con toda el Alma….se va muriendo.besos-4
Bertolt Brecht.-
” Hagas lo que Hagas, algunas personas, NUNCA te amarán. otras, NUNCA dejarán de Hacerlo, Ve Hacia Donde Haya Amor ”

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22 febrero 2016 at 9:37 pm (el amor brujo)

The skin of one, not touching it with another skin, be cracking …. No lips touching them with other lips are drying …. Eyes not to look with new eyes, are closing … The body, not feel another body nearby, is being forgotten … .. The Alma, No surrender, with all my heart … .It is dying.besos-2
Bertolt Brecht.-
Salu2″Whatever you do, some people will love Never, Other, they never fail to do so, go to where there is love”

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7 enero 2016 at 8:40 pm (el amor brujo)

There are years so beautiful, we feel them going through the heart … They are years full of joy … of hope … They remind us years to make you feel younger years … They are not heavy, unlike pass as fast as we wanted to stop in each experience we are smiling, happy …
There are years that make us feel powerless, that weaken us and we want to finish very soon … It is sad years, perhaps with marked absences, perhaps with a farewell that was burned into memory, or perhaps at a loss as larger than even make us feel we are sailing aimlessly … They are years that weighs the pain, anguish, and where chest pain and a “knot tightens the throat …”Amo-5
There are years that is so cute keep as a treasure in the almanac forever remember …
There are years that we prefer to start the almanac to forget …
I do not know how was your 2015, I just want to wish that 2016 will be much better …
Life is not easy sometimes difficult to face the pain, hard time saying goodbye to someone we love, hard to see at dinner places we never thought we could be empty, costs cope with the disease and often even more difficult for us to start over, get up again … But life goes on and we never know what is behind so many emotions, so many feelings, so many experiences … We should only bet with faith and hope for a better future, a better life …Amo-6
So I raise my glass and toast to you, wishing you every bubble burst and sprinkle with good health, love, prosperity, peace, happiness and everything nice that you deserve.
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7 enero 2016 at 8:33 pm (el amor brujo)

Hay años tan bellos, que los sentimos pasar por el corazón… Son años cargados de alegrías… de esperanzas… Son años que al recordarlos nos hacen sentir más jóvenes… Son años que no pesan, al contrario pasan tan rápido que quisiéramos detenerlos pues en cada vivencia nos encontramos sonrientes, felices…

Hay años que nos hacen sentir sin fuerzas, que nos debilitan y que deseamos que terminen muy pronto… Son años tristes, quizás con marcadas ausencias, quizás con un adiós que quedó grabado a fuego en la memoria, o tal vez con pérdidas tan grandes que hasta nos hacen sentir que estamos navegando sin rumbo… Son años en los que pesa el dolor, la angustia, y en los que duele el pecho y un “nudo aprieta la garganta…”Amo-2

Hay años que por ser tan lindos guardamos como un tesoro en el almanaque para recordarlos siempre…

Hay años que preferimos arrancar del almanaque para poder olvidar…

No sé cómo fue tu 2015, solo quiero desearte que el 2016 sea mucho mejor…

La vida no es fácil a veces, cuesta enfrentar al dolor, cuesta mucho decir adiós a quien amamos, cuesta ver en la cena lugares que nunca pensamos que podrían estar vacíos, cuesta enfrentar la enfermedad y muchas veces nos cuesta aún más volver a comenzar, volver a levantarnos… Pero la vida continúa y nunca sabemos qué hay detrás de tantas emociones, de tantos sentimientos, de tantas vivencias… Sólo debemos apostar con fe y esperanza a un futuro mejor, a una vida mejor…Amor-4

Por eso levanto mi copa y brindo por tí, deseando que cada burbuja explote y te salpique con mucha salud, con amor, prosperidad, paz, felicidad y todo lo lindo que te mereces.Salu2

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