¿ QUÉ ES EL “RAT” ?…..

14 mayo 2018 at 6:11 pm (Chistes)

Iba un señor en un avión, con la vejiga llena, y fue al baño de caballeros y estaba ocupado. Le pidió permiso a la azafata, para usar el baño de Señoras, que en ese momento estaba libre. La azafata le respondió que no había inconveniente siempre y cuando tuviese cuidado de no salpicar la taza del inodoro y NO tocar los cuatro botones que estaban a la derecha de la taza.
Los Botones eran: Botón “SLA”- Botón “SSA”, botón “STA” y Botón ” RAT”.-Ahí fue el valiente protagonista y después de aliviarse haciendo pis a discreción, sintió una enorme e irresistible curiosidad, por saber la función de los cuatro botones.
Se sentó con cuidado en el inodoro y apretó con cuidado el primer botón, que tenía el rótulo “SLA” Sistema de Limpieza Automático.
Sintió de agua tibia, en sus partes y pensó. ” Este baño es una delicia, ahora comprendo, por qué las mujeres se pasan las horas muertas aquí “.Entonces apretó el Botón “SSA” (Sistema de secado automático), y fue cuando el chorro de aire caliente, fue dirigido al mismo lugar. El individuo no se lo podía creer.
Cuando accionó el siguiente Botón “STA” (Sistema de Talco Automático), hasta su cuerpo llegó la caricia suave de una borla impregnada de aromático talco. Aquello estaba alcanzando cotas de placer…..Ya por último, apretó el Botón “RAT” y perdió la noción de TODO. Cuando se despertó, no sabía dónde estaba, ni qué hora era, ni cómo había llegado hasta allí. Se le acercó una enfermera muy amable y le explicó, que se encontraba en un hospital, al que había llegado, hacía dos días en estado de SHOK, traumático y que consiguieron normalizar sus constantes vitales. Entonces el paciente preguntó ..¿El avión ha sufrido un accidente ?
¡ No Señor !… el avión aterrizó perfectamente en su destino……¿ Entonces qué ha ocurrido ?????. ¡ Mire, usted presionó el Botón “RAT” (Retirada automática de Tampas)))…y su pene está en una cajita debajo de la Almohada…!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Salu2


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6 abril 2018 at 11:45 am (Chistes)

Hey, do you know what the inhabitants of Barcelona call themselves??…
Well, hell, not all of them!!-
The woman, after parking the car, asks her husband: “My life, am I too far removed from the wax?”? The husband replies: Which of the two??.
After examining the woman, the doctor says to her husband….The truth is that I don’t like his wife’s appearance…Neither do I…But her father is rich!!
My love, today is our anniversary! Why don’t we kill a chicken?! He says, “What’s the Chicken’s fault? Why don’t we kill your brother who introduced us?”?.
In a hotel concierge’s office, a phone rings…ring…ring…Hello?Look, I’ve got a problem. We’re on the 39th floor and my husband wants to kill himself by jumping out the window…!!!!!!
Don’t worry, ma’am, the window panes can’t be opened… (She says)… That’s the problem!!!!!!!
INVESTOR ADVICE – Tattoo a Euro on your penis and enjoy five advantages…1- You will enjoy moving your money. 2- You will see your investment grow. 3- You won’t mind if your wife eats your savings. 4- Only you decide how to protect your investment. 5- Only you decide where to put your money….Sal2

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16 marzo 2018 at 11:25 pm (Chistes)

CHISTE: Do you know I have a friend who is allergic to the sun?…says the companion…Will it be Albino?…? No, no, no, no, not the wine….the sun!!!!!!!!.
A priest was baptizing a child and said to him: From now on you will be a Christian!…and the boy answers him…But I wanted to be Messi!!!.
The Judge to the Defendant: But how could you kill your husband after 45 years?…Well, you see, sir. Judge, you’re leaving him….you’re leaving him…!!!!!!
Pili, do you cheat on me?….(she answers)… And breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner….Tell ALL about it Paco, not just what interests you!!!!!!!!
CORRUPTION: Hello, good morning…I’m here to enroll in Political Science…! All right, perfect, take this envelope… Oh, wow!!! Yaaaa????…It’s the useless license plate… Ahhhhh good!!!!!
Waiter to a Client at the Bar: Ma’am, I’ll pour you a glass of wine, while you wait?…No thanks, it’s bad for my legs!Do they swell up??…NO, no…they don’t…they open up!!!
Hey, black girl, shall we dance??…¡ NO !!.. for 4 reasons: You are drunk. 2 This is a wake. 3 The Hail Mary is not danced to. And 4: I am not Black, I am the Priest . Salu2

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1 diciembre 2017 at 4:16 pm (Chistes)

Una familia, está en la mesa para cenar, cuando el hijo hace una pregunta: ¿ Papá, cuantos tipos de pechos de mujer existen ?… El Padre algo sorprendido responde… Bien hijo, existen Tres tipos. De los 15 años a los 30 años, la mujer tiene pechos como manzanas o peras, firmes y lindas, da placer verlas. De los 30 años a los 50, son como mangos, todavía bellos, aunque un poco caídos…a los 60 son como cebollas. El hijo dice ..¿como cebollas…???..El padre respondió …¡ Sí, cuando las miras, te dan ganas de llorar…. Esta explicación lleva a la hija a decir a su madre….¿ Mamá cuántos tipos de Penes hay???..La madre queda sorprendida, pero mirando al marido responde… Bueno hijita , un hombre pasa por Tres faces distintas… De los 15 años a los 30 el pene, es como un tronco de Jacaránda, respetable y firme…De los 30 años a los 50, el pene es como un tronco de Sauce, flexible pero confiable. Despues de 60 años, el pene queda como un árbol de Navidad, la hija dice..¿Como un Árbol de Navidad ?..la madre responde..Eso mismo. ¡ Muerto de la raíz a la puerta, y las bolas cuelgan como decoración !!!!!! Sal2
( Hay que andarse con cuidado con las preguntas ). Sal2

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11 noviembre 2017 at 8:26 pm (Chistes)

Dos tiradores de élite apostados en una loma…¡ Oye Paco, veo un tío en pelotas en tú casa..¡¡¡¡….¡ Pégale un tiro en la polla…!!!…¡ Me da miedo de volarle los dientes a tú mujer…!!!!. Sal2
Two elite shooters stationed on a hill… Hey Paco, I see a guy in balls at your house……. Shoot him in the dick…!!!I’m afraid to blow your wife’s teeth out! Sal2

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14 septiembre 2017 at 7:53 pm (Chistes)

La farmaceutica le explica al marido: ¡ Mire ahora mismo no tenemos Viagra de 50 mrgramos….le voy a dar la de 100 mgr, para que esta noche la Parta en Dos…. ¿ A mi mujerrr???….¡ No…No…. la Pastilla …la pastilla!!!!!. Sal2
The pharmacy explains to the husband: Look now we do not have Viagra of 50 mrgramos …. I’m going to give the one of 100 mgr, so tonight Break it in Dos …. My wiferr. … No … No …. the pill … the pill !!!!!. Sal2

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15 agosto 2017 at 11:06 am (Chistes)

Solo cuando un mosquito se posa en Tus Testículos….te das cuenta de que NO todo en la vida se soluciona con Violencia……Sal2

Only when a mosquito lands on Your Testicles … you realize that NOT everything in life is solved with Violence …… Sal2

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TRES TUMBAS..–( Three Tombs).-

11 agosto 2017 at 1:23 pm (Chistes)

En el cementerio están tres tumbas, una al lado de la otra, y dice el uno al otro.
¿A tí, cuando te operan ?¿?¿..
¡ Tengo una cita para el 25 de Octubre, pero no sé si ir. Porque ya no me duele!!!!
¡ Ve, por lo menos les das un susto !!!!!. Sal2
In the cemetery are three tombs, one next to the other, and say to each other.
Do you, when you operate?
I have a date for October 25th, but I do not know if to go. Because it does not hurt anymore !!!!
See, at least you give them a scare !!!!!. Sal2

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O T H E R ..J O K E S….-

11 julio 2017 at 1:08 pm (Chistes)

They find two friends in the street, and one tells the other … Which bag is prettier … and that soft ..? …. What is it made of?
Penis skin …… !!! …. What an original !! … Yes, yes … and the best thing is that you hit four licks and it becomes a suitcase !!!. Sal2
Hear Mary … And your husband? … ….. In the garden !! … Spend a minute and says … I do not see it !! … The wife says …. You have to dig a little! !!. Sal2
A very bad mother-in-law. A mother-in-law, she walks the street with her daughter-in-law and a baby in the cart, and she asks … Hey Paqui … my grandson does not look anything like my son …… Daughter-in-law) .. Look, lady, what I have is a vagina and not a photocopier …. !!!!!!! … Salu2.
A guy enters a bookstore …: … Good morning … Do you have books on tiredness … .. I’m sorry (says the bookseller) … they are all exhausted …. Salu2
ONE TYPE TO ANOTHER.- … This morning, my wife poured me a cup of Coffee and winked at me an Eye …… in my life I was so afraid to give the first sip to the cup of coffee … !!!! .. .Sal2
A marriage, they want to go on vacation, but the wife tells the husband, why not take their mother, with them, since it is a widow and it pitiful to leave her …. Total they take it, they stay in a hotel … .. and the next morning, is the daughter drinking coffee, and the mother-in-law arrives very upset and says … You know what happened last night, that your husband came drunk, was confused of Room and got into mine … and he threw me two Powders …. … And the daughter says … What you say … .. And you did not digest Nothing ???? ….. says the mother-in-law … You know that with “him” …. I do not speak to myself … .Sal2
Saturated Hospitals.- A sick person is lying in his house, in bed … they call on the phone … he tells his husband … They call from the hospital, they have the operating theaters … and they come to operate you home … (the husband) … . Ask them if the tools put them “them” or us … ..Sal2
NOTICE: Please Go To The Toilet When I Go To Mear … Do not Have It As Big As You Believe … .. !!!!! Sal2
Only When A Mosquito, Poses In Your Testicles, You Realize That Not Everything In Life Is Solved With Violence !!!!!! … .Sal2
Whatever Your Question … The Answer … .is Wild and Furiburo Sex … !!!!!! Freud. Sal2
Namasté. Sal2

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25 febrero 2017 at 1:34 pm (Chistes)

The husband to his lady … You see why I do not like to come to a Shopping Center? … All those pijos with their looks of indifference … !!!! … Paco, they are sissies !!! …. I burst ….
Before the Judge: Look mr. Judge, I opened an account in Gmail, another in Hotmail, another in Facebook, another in Twiter … I know Mr. Judge …… the same thing I opened another account in Switzerland, I can not even remember … ..I know. . !!!
The Woman to the Husband who is reading the Newspaper … Honey, it is raining and the clothes lying down … can you put it to me? … The husband: The clothes getting wet and you thinking about f …. !!.
Control of the Civil Guard: Good morning, I have to fine him for carrying the dog loose … But if the dog is of Peluche ¡¡, the civil guard .. Look I do not know of Razas or anything … they are 100 Fine Euros
TWO FRIENDS: You know that Ana and Paco are going to separate … !!! Do not tell me, with the lovers that were, they were seen coming … And who is the compliant? … The culprit is he, who went on a business trip and returned Two days before, without warn…..!!!!
Daughter to the mother … Mother, how do you say to a woman addicted to sex? … Nymphomaniac? … Well, let me tell you, because the ignorant of the College tell me bitch!
A friend to the other, because it turns out that they have transferred my husband to a Muslim country, to Libya? … Damn it if it relieves, I had my pussy !!!!
Hey, they called me this morning, and they told me that I had a Cruiser! It will not be a thymus? … I do not believe !! And where do you embark? …? … In Madrid !!! ….. Ah!
Master, why before Sex, each helps to undress the other, and after Sex, everyone dresses alone? …? … In life, “little grasshopper”, no one helps you, when you’re fucked …… ..if they help you before …. It’s because they’re going to fuck you …… !!!!!!
They are in bed a man and a woman and the phone rings suddenly … ringgggg … Tell me … yes … okay, okay … okay, okay do not worry …. !!!! … Who was it? ? .. says the man … My husband says he will be late because he is having dinner with you !!!

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