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Your ability to protect from DIABETES TYPE 2, from Dementias or preserve liver health is now added, another new evidence. Reduces the Risk of Gallstones, one of the most frequent digestive disorders that increases with age. Neither ONE, Neither Two nor Three, to the multitude of ways in which COFFEE seems to confer unexpected HEALTH BENEFITS, (Protects from Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, preserves Liver health and may reduce certain types of Cancer.
Among other things, it decreases the risk of gallstones. “Gallstones, (Biliary lithiasis) are hard formations in “Pebble” form, which are composed of Cholesterol (almost 90%, Calcium and Biliary Salts, it is not known exactly why they appear in some people, Yes and in others NO, but they are linked to genetic factors present in some of them that favour their appearance. The same happens with Obesity, HIGH CONSUMPTION of SATURATED FATS AND CHOLESTEROL. It can also be said that they affect more the feminine gender. It affirms it the Specialist Doctor of NUTRICTION OF the MEDICAL-QUIRURGICAL CENTRE OF DIGESTIVE DISEASES…( CMED ).
THE CHOLESTEROL that the Body does not need, is eliminated through the Liver, through the bile. This accumulates in the Gallbladder, to be released in the Intestine, as it intervenes in the emulsion of fats from the diet. If there is a high presence of the same in the bile, it favours its solidification, together with bile salts, so it forms a CALCULUS, which when joined to the Calculation hardens and forms THE BILIAR STONE.
It has happened to many of us, specifically to me, and it is like a small ball, full of pointed spikes, that rolls through the kidney, urinary tract that finally comes out through the virile member, releasing drops of blood and urine, which produces a quite unpleasant pain.
Therefore this information has put in warning that the coffee, is good for these annoying Calculations. Salu2
(Technical Information extracted from the Digital Newspaper EL CONFIDENCIAL.España.

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