12 agosto 2019 at 4:27 pm (el amor brujo)

Closed cars reached the shores of reeds where the waves alisan Roman torso naked. Cars, that the Guadalquivir tends in its mature crystal, between tears of flowers and resonances of clouds. The children weave and sing the disappointment of the world, near the old cars lost in the night. But Cordoba does not tremble under the confused mystery, for if the shadow lifts the architecture from the smoke, a marble foot affirms its chaste shimmer. Petals of the weak tin reclaim the pure greys of the breeze, unfolded on the triumphal arches. And while the bridge blows ten rumours of Neptune, tobacco sellers flee through the broken wall.
A single fish in the water that to the two Córdobas together: White Cordova of reeds. Cordoba of architecture. Children with an impassive face on the shore undress, apprentices of Tobias and Merlines at the waist, to annoy the fish with an ironic question as to whether you want wine flowers or half-moon jumps. But the fish, which gild the water and the marbles enluta, gives them lesson and balance of solitary column. The Archangel aljamiado of dark sequins, in the meeting of the waves looked for rumor and cradle.
A single fish in the water. Two Cordobas of beauty. Cordoba broken in jets. Celeste Cordoba flabby.
Federíco García Lorca.

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