23 junio 2019 at 12:43 pm (Denuncias)

81 YEARS have passed since the Greatest Robbery of Humanity, “as it sounds”. It happened in Madrid, and even so, it is unknown in its true dimensions. Imagine that of studies, historical novels, films, plays, operas, paintings, sculptures, that could have been made of such an EVENT, BUT nothing at all, because it was perpetrated by people who have a Corsican patent, there and there….
WE SEE: In the early morning of September 14, 1936, a group of locksmiths, trade unionists, and motorized gunmen, “La Guardia Personal del Lider del PSOE, Indalecio Prieto, who in less than two months before had murdered Calvo Sotelo, assaulted THE BANK OF SPAIN.
They were sent by the Minister of Finance of the PSOE, Juan Negrin; the Government was presided over by Fco. Largo Caballero, also of the PSOE.
THEY DESTROYED WITH WHAT WERE THE FOURTH GOLD RESERVES OF THE PLANET. The major cashier committed suicide with a shot in his office, overwhelmed by such iniquity.
President AZAÑA, was not informed nor was LAS CORTES, which clears any doubt.
It was not IN ABSOLUTE, an operation, let’s say economic-political, but an ATRACO MONSTRUOSO.
On October 25, the Soviet ships KINE, KURK, NEVA and VOLGOLES, sailed from Cartagena with the Gold, hundreds of tons, heading to ODESA and where Stalin was left with everything. In the same way, it was followed by the ASSAULT to the Security Boxes of the Banks of Madrid.

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