9 abril 2019 at 7:12 pm (salud)

“I don’t understand why I’m sad.” Almost everyone who suffers from depression expresses himself in this way. And who hasn’t? If there is an illness specific to the time in which we live, it is depression, aggravated by stress and the dizzying pace of modern life.
Although it is curious to find out that it was already widespread among the Greeks. Only they called it by another name: melancholy. But what is depression? … A disease? … A state of mind? … A simple boredom? How does it manifest itself? … By what means can it be combated? … Does it have a cure?…
These are questions to which we would all like to have an answer. And it is precisely for this purpose that Professor Vallejo-Nágera has written this book.
A book not only addressed to those who suffer from depression, but also – and to a greater extent if possible – to all those who live with him, who will be able to see, for example, how many of the attitudes that, in order to help him, are adopted in the face of a depressed person, nevertheless resurface counterproductive.
Certainly, it is very difficult for the depressed to imagine a hopeful future. But perhaps by reading this book you can find reasons to suppose that this is not the case, that this sadness, this invincible laziness, this anguish and this pessimism can also have an end. Salu2

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