¿ IS ANYONE THERE ??????.-

20 marzo 2019 at 10:54 pm (Tecnología y medicína)

During the years 1928 and 1936, strange echoes from the sky were recorded in a laboratory in Holland. Indeed, the Norwegian Carl Störmer, together with a group of scientists, reported that they had castrated radio signals from their observation post and that these were repeated within three to fifteen seconds of their original transmission. This information, like many others, both later and earlier, triggered comments for all tastes.
Some believed that they had been reflected by the clouds of ionized gas, that are distributed around the solar system, others suggested that it could be interferences motivated by some experiment maintained in secret, like those that sometimes carried out the Army of the Air, more according to Bracewell, the origin of these echoes could never be explained satisfactorily.
In a discussion held with Stanfor’s colleagues on the matter, the astronomer reminded them of Jupiter’s very powerful emissions, which, as Bernard Burke and Kenneth Franklin of the Carnegie Institution found in 1955, contained an output power of 1,000 million watts per megacycle and which could be perceived for some time.
It is easy to imagine, said Bracewell, that these signals and the echoes perceived by Carl Stömer, have been emitted by the same source. (Jupiter’s emissions, although not clearly qualified as produced by intelligent beings, continue, even today, to be a very topical scientific debate). Continuing with Bracewell’s report, we will say that he stated that he did not believe that the Earth was an important point of communication for the probable super-race, since this can be found within “a wide galactic chain of communication”. Salu2

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