14 marzo 2019 at 7:49 pm (Tecnología y medicína)

At the end of the fifties the scientific world suffers a great shock. Two men of unquestionable professional prestige, physicists Philip Morrison and Giuseppe Cocconi, suggest from the pages of Nature magazine the possibility that intelligent beings outside our solar system are trying to communicate in some way with our planet.
This extravagant news, although supported, as can be supposed, in years of investigation and in the professionalism of these two men, was received with exceptionticism by the world of the investigation, welcoming with distrust and mockery the proposal of Morrison and Cocconi that the existing radio telescopes were focused towards the stars relatively closer to us in expectation of the messages that could send hypothetical intelligent brothers.
The statements, which were about to distort the prestigious career of these two authors, became, with the passage of time, a great professional success for them and a giant step forward for Science.
The presentiment that there is life outside the Earth, on Mars and the Moon above all, worries man since before technology had advanced enough to be able to help him in this sense; so in the last century, before the radio-waves were discovered, the mathematician Karl Friedrich Gaus devised a system to attract the attention of supposed extraterrestrial travelers that, seen from our days can move to hilarity, but that, there is no doubt, was a step forward. Gauss chose Siberia to carry out his project. This consisted of forming a right triangle with trees of gigantic size and inside sowing barley that would give the whole a uniform color. He presented other variants of this project, always giving it strange Geometric shapes, so it is supposed that this gentleman, besides sensing intelligent beings outside our planet, imagined that they should know Geometry.
From the book Earth, Experimental Planet of the Extraterrestrials. 1.978

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