28 febrero 2019 at 12:28 am (Tecnología y medicína)

The detection of Radio Bursts (FRB), FOR WHICH THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION, has triggered speculation about their possible Alien origin. Under the generic name SETI (Del Ingles Search For Extra Terrestrial Interference. The recent detection by the Canadian Radio Telescope CHIME of a mysterious call, FRBS radio bursts, which has triggered this month’s speculations about its origin, could be an extraterrestrial civilization.
They were detected for the first time in 2007 by Australian Telescopes, and since then, about 60 have been married, according to NATURE, a magazine, because it is the second time that a FRB is identified with repeated pulses from the same source. The hypothesis most supported by the Scientific Community is that these rare bursts are caused by astrophysical events that take place thousands of millions of Light Years from Earth but some ASTRONOMES DO NOT DISCARD THAT THAT THEY ARE FRB, have an artificial origin, as proposed by AVI LOEB from the University of HARVARD, USA, which is energy rays used to propel EXTRATERRESTRIAL NAVES.

The searches in the Optician, start from the Idea that an EXTRATERRESTRIAL CIVILIZATION, would use HIGH POWER LASERS, TO IMPULSE NAVES, or to carry out emissions.

Opinion of Rafael Bachiller of the National Astronomical Observatory.
News from the newspaper El Confidencial. Spain Salu2

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