8 noviembre 2018 at 12:45 pm (Tecnología y medicína)

Some time ago, researchers at the important University of Hawaii had detected a curious Asteroid, which was baptized OUMUAMUA. What was initially thought to be an asteroid, just as it would pass “close” to us, does NOT seem to be just a piece of Rock. The scientists of the important University of Harvard, have speculated, that it can be “Something” more than a simple Asteroid, that comes from far away.

It is curious that 0UMUAMUA, in the native Hawaiian language, means, “The first messenger that comes from afar”. The characteristics of OUMUAMUA and the origin of this one from outside the Solar System, allow us to classify it as an “Interstellar Asteroid”, which would be traveling at a speed of more than 95,000 Kms per hour. Since it was discovered, a great variety of hypotheses have appeared and the most recent is from the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University.

Abraham Loeb and Samuel Bialy, two Harvard scientists, have published an article, in which they assure that this Asteroid could “have an artificial origin”, assuring that it could also be some type of SOUND, built by a very advanced extraterrestrial civilization. Among the elements used to support this hypothesis is that it does not present degassing or loss of material when approaching our SUN, as is usually the case.

These scientists point out that if there had been degassing, something that seems not to have happened, there would also have been an evolution in the turn of the Asteroid, which has not happened. They point to TWO possible theories about if it were a NAVE of Extraterrestrial Origin. The first could be a RESEARCH PROBE, which collects all kinds of DATA and when passing close to our planet, has slowed down to obtain “METRIES”, and when the SUN has passed, has accelerated.

The second explanation is that it would be a faulty NAVE or out of Service, which has been left adrift.
This is ALL friends….for the moment, if more information comes to me I will publish it. Salu2

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