27 septiembre 2018 at 7:29 pm (Denuncias)

“You can say goodbye to the girls now”…” I’m going to carry what you want the most”… “You’re going to be left alone”. These are just a few of the many threats that Ricardo, the father of the murdered girls, allegedly pronounced, published today in El Diario de Levante and El País, murdered by him in Castellón.
Being threatened with direct death, on the small ones, La Juez especializada en violencia de género, contra las niñas, rejected the Protection Order.

This tremendous episode of bad coexistence, has resulted in a tragedy, denouncing the mother of the girls to the police, with the death of the girls. At the citizen level, it has caused us a tremendous impact, that the Judge, specialized in these issues, has not grasped the imminent danger, which was behind the complaint of the mother of the girls, rejecting the request for protection and security.

With all due respect to the Judge, I think I SHOULD have investigated, as a matter of urgency, this painful matter, which has no remedy, for the girls, and as Justice is, when this man comes out of prison, the mother of the girls, will have to be vigilant…for life. Salu2

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27 septiembre 2018 at 7:25 pm (Denuncias)

“Ya te puedes ir despidiendo de las niñas”…” Me voy a cargar lo que más quieres”….”Te vas a quedar sola”. Son solo algunas de las muchas amenazas que, presuntamente pronunció Ricardo, el padre de las niñas asesinadas, publicado hoy en El Diario de Levante y El País, asesinadas por él en Castellón.
Siendo amenazadas de muerte directas, sobre las pequeñas, La Juez especializada en violencia de género, contra las niñas, rechazó la Orden de Protección.

Este tremendo episodio de mala convivencia, ha desembocado, en una tragedia, al denunciar la madre de las niñas a la policía, con muerte de las niñas. A nivel ciudadano, nos ha causado un tremendo impacto, que La Juez, especializada en estos temas, No haya captado el peligro inminente, que había detrás de la denuncia de la madre de las niñas, rechazando la petición de amparo y seguridad .

Con el debido respeto a la Sra. Jueza, creo que DEBERÍA, haber investigado, con carácter de urgencia más sobre este asunto tan doloroso, que ya no tiene remedio, para las niñas, y tal y como está la Justicia, cuando salga este hombre de la cárcel, la madre de las niñas, tendrá que estar vigilante…de por vida. Salu2

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20 septiembre 2018 at 11:21 pm (Denuncias)

If I go to Senegal, and I get sick, I will have to pay in advance along with an abusive tourist rate, compared to local rates. If I go to Morocco, and I get sick, I will have to pay in advance, or have private insurance.
If I go to Algeria and I fall ill, I will have to pay, even in Emergency services.
And the same thing happens in Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast and other countries that emit the majority of ILLEGAL immigrants that Spain receives. But if you are from Senegal, Morocco, Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, or any other African country and you come to Spain, violating our Laws and entering Absolutely Illegal, not only will you have almost total access and 100×100 free of charge to our health system, in any Hospital, but you will even be on the list of transplants, in better conditions than any Spaniard, who would like to do it outside his community. Self-employed.

(Because unlike the illegal immigrants to us, Yes they ask us for cards of displaced people in Euskadi, Navarra, Galicia etc. and even require us to register, for certain treatments.
Demanding Reciprocity is NOT RACISM. Demanding border control is NOT xenophobia. To demand rationalization in its use is NOT to be fascist.

Fostering illegal immigration in order to be supportive, with the money of others, while our cities, our police and our public services pass even more, is to be a complete moral illiterate without the slightest common sense. No more complexes. Salu2

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