24 julio 2018 at 8:01 pm (el amor brujo)

You’re that bad gypsy a gypsy wanted!
To want her to give you, you didn’t deserve it…!
Who knew you’d sell it with anyone else…!
What did you deserve?
That Pedro Botero himself burned that tongue of yours with what love you were lying to her!
Don’t come near me, don’t look at me, I’m a consuming witch;
and whoever dares to touch me, the hand will burn!
I am the voice of your destiny!
I am the fire in which you burn!
I am the wind in which you sigh!
I’m the sea you’re shipwrecked in!
! I am Candelas, Candeliya, who burned more than ever before, and who leaves you in the dark pa in secula seculorum!
The day is already dawning!
Come and get me tonight!
We’ll see if I had any problems, which you’ve made me feel sorry for.
with such a bad start!!!!

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