O T H E R ..J O K E S….-

11 julio 2017 at 1:08 pm (Chistes)

They find two friends in the street, and one tells the other … Which bag is prettier … and that soft ..? …. What is it made of?
Penis skin …… !!! …. What an original !! … Yes, yes … and the best thing is that you hit four licks and it becomes a suitcase !!!. Sal2
Hear Mary … And your husband? … ….. In the garden !! … Spend a minute and says … I do not see it !! … The wife says …. You have to dig a little! !!. Sal2
A very bad mother-in-law. A mother-in-law, she walks the street with her daughter-in-law and a baby in the cart, and she asks … Hey Paqui … my grandson does not look anything like my son …… Daughter-in-law) .. Look, lady, what I have is a vagina and not a photocopier …. !!!!!!! … Salu2.
A guy enters a bookstore …: … Good morning … Do you have books on tiredness … .. I’m sorry (says the bookseller) … they are all exhausted …. Salu2
ONE TYPE TO ANOTHER.- … This morning, my wife poured me a cup of Coffee and winked at me an Eye …… in my life I was so afraid to give the first sip to the cup of coffee … !!!! .. .Sal2
A marriage, they want to go on vacation, but the wife tells the husband, why not take their mother, with them, since it is a widow and it pitiful to leave her …. Total they take it, they stay in a hotel … .. and the next morning, is the daughter drinking coffee, and the mother-in-law arrives very upset and says … You know what happened last night, that your husband came drunk, was confused of Room and got into mine … and he threw me two Powders …. … And the daughter says … What you say … .. And you did not digest Nothing ???? ….. says the mother-in-law … You know that with “him” …. I do not speak to myself … .Sal2
Saturated Hospitals.- A sick person is lying in his house, in bed … they call on the phone … he tells his husband … They call from the hospital, they have the operating theaters … and they come to operate you home … (the husband) … . Ask them if the tools put them “them” or us … ..Sal2
NOTICE: Please Go To The Toilet When I Go To Mear … Do not Have It As Big As You Believe … .. !!!!! Sal2
Only When A Mosquito, Poses In Your Testicles, You Realize That Not Everything In Life Is Solved With Violence !!!!!! … .Sal2
Whatever Your Question … The Answer … .is Wild and Furiburo Sex … !!!!!! Freud. Sal2
Namasté. Sal2



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