1 julio 2017 at 5:21 pm (Denuncias)

Do not you understand that the kids are all day with the mobile?
His name is Ter, he is 27 years old from Madrid and he has a You Tube Channel and a viewer’s advocate in the Intermedio program, in El Confidencial.
You’re absolutely right, Esther. They lack the life, these creatures of the Earth, if they do not have the fucking mobile available all day, and also with the disinterested support of Papis, who buy it to him immediately when they approve a pair of subjects, although the “THE REST, are suspended … but my child has his cell phone, and also serves us to control it … ja.ja.ja.ja, what gilipolléz.
This is a section of the technological era that touches us but … And the major? For many is a challenge, we must learn, the routine, the procedures, the understanding of what and how, I can handle these gadgets Infernal, but they are committing true barbarities with the mobiles in the hands, with vehicles in movement and with lives on board.
This is very serious gentlemen. Every day we see it on the road, trucks, some buses, motorcycles, bikes, there are no longer vehicles, to save the one who can, of course, be in command of a steering wheel, with one hand and with the other the mobile, Like the day a girl came along … quite fast, driving with one hand with the other the cell phone … and the worst was carrying a Baby on board a few months at 130 Kms / hour. This is from Prison.
Therefore not only young people ALL THE WORLD. Salu2



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