14 mayo 2017 at 1:44 pm (50 cosas que)

Today the Digital El Confidencial newspaper talks about the change of the ancestral routines of postures in bed, with your partner, that there is a great majority, we will leave it in 65%, it does not change or it does not leave the “missionary”, that Comes from the night of time.
Times change, and especially the new generations, have given a spectacular turn to the maximum enjoyment in bed, changing that roll, “not change anything,” despite so much literature as the famous “Kamasutra”, like everything else , You may like it or not, but it gives a different view to this very special issue.
The Newspaper gives a space to the position “She Encima”, which means, more mobility, for Her, and also for Him, since in the case of man, he has free hands to perform a good tactile work, throughout the Her body, caressing, her breasts, her butt, and the rest of her body, while she dominates from the “heights”, she rides without being “imprisoned, as always” and has all the liberty of the world, to play with the phallus of Him .
Interestingly, apart from the “freedoms” of both movements, it is very important for the man to “easy trigger” (premature ejaculation). I sincerely believe that this important issue can be raised to the 5th essence, if there is the will and collaboration of both, if not, it is better to leave it … the same as always. Sal2



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