7 mayo 2017 at 11:49 am (Personal)

Hello Mom, today is your saint’s day, as a mother and I want to congratulate you although I know that you are far away, there in the stars of the firmament of memory, and it is rare that not a day, as in a flash, as a photo , You appear in my mind.
Been so far away, I know you’re on top of everything, even if you do not speak, but you look and you know everything. As you will know, you will have seen it, for sure, that after leaving You, Dad I remain like a boat adrift, which had no comfort. I used to go here and there with the little time I had, for a while and we would talk, and then I would go home, because as you also know what happened to me.
Dad, since you entered the hospital, travel operations, entered a very large spiral of sadness that became accentuated, with the passage of time, where memories also made a dent in his body, which was thrown into a corner of the dining room, In feet, as if waiting for you to appear through the door.
It also martyred him that, when the Spanish war, a brother of his passed to the Maquis (anti-Franco guerrilla), who operated in the nearby mountains, and that furtively, appeared in several occasions by the house for food blankets and medicines, if There were them, and your mother saw it, and as a human you helped.
But some neighbor, he warned the police, and one night three types of gabardine and wide-brimmed hat, (secret police) were presented, asking my father if a family visited them at night, my father said no. They came twice more, and … told my father that where his brother was hiding, my father refused until … of them took out a pistol and put it on my mother’s head no, it’s true Mama And he said, “If you do not tell me where your brother is hiding, first I kill your wife, then your elder daughter and the last one I’ll kill you.”
The decision was terrible Not Mom ?. Daddy as you know, he agreed, there was no other way, or all of them dead. This episode, together with your loss, Mama, drove him much more, and in Pamplona, ​​at almost 1000 km from home, at four o’clock in the morning, Manuel, your son, called me, telling me that he had died. I could not be with him at the last moment, because as you will know, “I had a job and a duty to do, very hard, but I could not delegate to anyone, you already know Mama that was dealt with.
I say goodbye Mama, if I can love you more every day, and I do little things, always in Your name, for the life that you took as mother and wife. Your son Juan with all my love. Bye, Mom. Salu2



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