6 abril 2017 at 7:11 pm (Denuncias)

Selecting a little, quite a bit, television programs, which are there to bore and numb the staff, and above all dodging the millions of ads that torment us, in La Sexta, put Research Team, which is quite interesting, and the Of this week has pointed to the famous and rich Beef of Ox.
The most exquisite in the world, is undoubtedly in Kobe, is a city and municipality of Japan, with a population of 1.5 million inhabitants, Hyogo prefecture. Well, this beautiful and overpopulated city of Japan, has a treasure that is called Ox, the most exquisite meat and has its reason.
Since the birth of the animal, he is dedicated to a way of life, which goes from very good food, massage, walks, and also devote a few hours of classical music, and the animal is in glory.
Logically, the result is impressive for all those lovers of good meat to the stone and … ..cara.
But it turns out that since there are so many “Readyos” in our country, it has been advertising for quite some time, in different media, and in the restaurants that among others, have beef, “THAT IS NOT”, but Which they charge as if it were or were. When asked by the journalist, at the insistence of this, they recognize that it is Veal Major, which is not bad meat, BUT IT IS NOT OXY.
Things have their name. The meat of Ox, is of this animal, and not of lizard, it is Ox, and we have seen in the report, like a simple wet paper, it puts Ox, that that is removed and it is put, and as the truth does not have nothing more That a way, but there is an added problem that so few inspectors are for this recognition, that it is mathematically impossible to check all the markets, to see if it is true or lie what they put us in the dishes restaurants. Sal2



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