3 abril 2017 at 10:26 pm (Personal)

When you allow yourself what you deserve, you attract what you need
When-you-allow When you are aware of what you deserve, and finally, you grant it, and you learn to prioritize yourself a little more, you will get what you really need. It is not magic, nor is the universe weaving its laws of attraction. It is our own will to be happy, to take the reins of our life …

We will begin by proposing a little reflection … What do you think you deserve to this day?

You may have thought of a break. In allowing yourself time to go a little slower to be able to appreciate everything around you. Enjoy the “here and now”, without stress, without anxiety.

You may have also thought that “you deserve someone who loves you”, that they recognize you a little more. You tend to strive hard for others and do not always see everything that you have come to renounce.

Everyone inside us knows what we deserve. However, recognizing it is something that sometimes costs us because we think it can become a selfish attitude.

How to say aloud things like “I need to be loved”, “I deserve to be respected”, “I deserve to have freedom and have the reins of my life”? In fact, it is enough to tell ourselves.

We should not be wrong, because prioritizing us a little more is not a selfish attitude. It is a vital need, is to grow inwardly to be happy.

We invite you to reflect with us.

Limiting Attitudes

Many of us tend to develop many limiting attitudes throughout our lives. They are beliefs sometimes instilled in our childhood, or even later developed based on certain experiences.

They are those thoughts expressed in phrases such as “I am worth nothing”, “I am not able to do that, I will fail”, “Why try it if things always go wrong?” …

A complicated childhood with parents who never gave us security, or even affective relationships based on emotional manipulation, usually limit us almost in a determinant way. We become fragile inside and we go slowly, fraying our self-esteem.

Restructure your beliefs. You are more than your experiences, you are not who hurt you or who raised walls to deprive you of your freedom. You deserve to advance, you deserve to read inside and recognize your worth, your ability to be “fit” in life and above all, happy …Sldos.-



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