31 enero 2017 at 11:36 pm (Denuncias)

Finally, after 14 years, the current government of Spain has received the relatives of the victims of Ya-42, which crashed in Turkey, as everyone knows. These people, relatives, have been struggling to clarify the causes of the plane crash that caused 75 dead of UM Airlines flight 4230 on Mount Pilav.
From minute one of this flight was an outrage, starting with the plane’s contract, that in Europe there are several companies that are dedicated and offered to the armies for the transport of troops, and in the country of origin, ie Spain, Had a minister of Defense, at that time to Federico Trillo, that everyone in the world knows him.
These high personalities have around them a group of people, in whom the minister delegates, to do the work, and it is assumed that, once done, he MUST supervise the assignment. It is seen that in this sad event, did not happen, and the subordinates of this minister chose a plane to transport them to Spain, which was a pure CHATARRA.y-2
In that entanglement of contracts, subcontracts, pre-contracts, what I said Diego, said Pedro, thousands of euros are shuffled, and if there is an airplane, it seems that it has ALAS, .. that same, it does not matter in the conditions CANALLAS, In which they are. There are testimonies of our dead, in the mobiles that are heartbreaking, landing gear, creepy, windows covered with cardboard, where they put water, so that in the height it would freeze and not enter the cold … ..
And the question that we all ask, ¿¿¿¿Was informed mr. Minister Trillo, of the INFAMES conditions of the airplane ???, it is probable, with nuances and the flight was authorized, and passed what happened.y-3
And he showed up on Mount Pilav, in a suit and tie, for the photo, as everyone, to solve NOTHING, because the damage was already done, and as a reward, this government rewards him as ambassador in the United Kingdom. Why this government rewards this man who has behind his back 75 dead and his duty was not to DELEGATE, in no one, he had to have supervised TODO, before authorizing the shipment. It was a JUSTICE to receive these relatives, a long time ago, but too late. I would tell this government to be very careful with those responsible, the Subcontracts, to choose the BEST for our Spanish men and a COMPETENT AUTHORITY to certify the safety of these flights. Sal2



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