26 enero 2017 at 7:45 pm (Denuncias)

The National Commission of Markets and Competition, the CNMC, which exempts, for now, (ie will not blame) Gas Natural and Endesa, the great price escalation, according to El Confidencial, Digital newspaper .
Not long ago, the great scandal of bankrupt banks, some of them, for investments with buddies, airports, highways, and poorly managed, and it turns out that the great BANCO DE ESPAÑA, who must ensure good practice Of their efforts … ..YOU DID NOT KNOW ANYTHING.
The Infanta, did not know NADA, Pujol’s wife, did not know ANYTHING, Bárcenas’s wife, did not know ANY of the millions in Switzerland, Neymar, does not know ANYTHING, Susana Díaz, does not know ANYTHING, if she’s going to introduce herself to Elections as president, Iñaki, does not know either, those of the Gürtel plot, does not know anything, monumental embezzlement in Valencia, NOBODY KNOW NOTHING, the children of the Pujólll, also know NOTHING, of the famous 3%.
That is to say that we have some Control Organisms, managed, it will be the Devil, because, (a question). HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT AN ORGANIZER LIKE THE BANK OF E S P A N, DOES NOT IT FIND THAT THERE ARE BANKS AND SAVINGS BANKS that were practically bankrupt ????. Another issue would be that they knew it, but Orders of very HIGH LEVEL (God, probably), not to accuse anyone, give the silence for answer to questions of difficult answer.
For this and a thousand other things, right now, we are the most corrupt COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, and the authorities slip their titulillos, but “they” to “theirs.” Sal2



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