9 enero 2017 at 3:58 pm (Denuncias)

The Director of the International Monetary Fund, has been “seeded” with statements to the international press, which has left millions of people, with the mouth open, and the ass closed … just in case.
The above, which is not silly, therefore chose her as successor to his counterpart and countryman, who had to leave the office due to a sexual scandal, who with money, relieved not to put him in jail, has four university degrees And a master’s degree in economics and law.
For this creature so clever dropped, in a statement, not long ago to the press with these words, that the wind does not take them. “The world urgently needs to set the conditions so that there are not so many births and, on the other hand, to eliminate as much as possible, all those of a certain age,” because they live too much, and that is A risk for the Global Economy ”
Literally. I wonder if they are going to put us in gas chambers, to speed up the “matter”, or shoot us …. And he adds “We have to do something already.”jubi-4
Well, dear Christine, you are in the 60s and you will have to put her in the group that we are going to disappear, according to you, because it is also a risk, “Right now for the world.”
I believe that as an enlightened and well-prepared person, I should, with his team, study, investigate, investigate, locate (easy with his power) who are the superheroes, who dominate the world, with their “MOUNTAINS” of money, licit and illicit , To force them to invest in impoverished areas for life, to open their hands, so that this world so highly disparate, have opportunities more people, not only “the same as always,” friends of the High Institutions, who do what they You do not advise them Nothing, but if with the elderly people who have worked all their lives, for a humble pension, you think to take us out of the way, because their “accounts do not come out.”
Goodbye Christina, hijamía, you’ve been through the world for … ohhh. Sal2



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