28 diciembre 2016 at 7:11 pm (Literatura)

Let’s go with the grammar!
In Castilian there are active participles as derived from tenses. The active participle of the verb attack is “attacker”. The one to go out is “outgoing”, that of singing, “singer” and that of existing, “existing”. What is the verb Ser? It is the “being”, which means, “the one who has identity”, in short, “who is.”
Therefore, when we want to name the person who denotes ability to exercise the action that expresses the verb, we add the ending “ente”. Thus, the president, is called “president and NEVER,” president, “regardless of gender, (male or female) who performs the action.gramatica-4
In an analogous way, it is said “burning chapel”, NO Fiery “, it is said” student “, NO Student, it says” Independent “; Patient, No Patient, Leader, NO Manager …
Now, the question: Our politicians and many journalists, (men and women), that men exercise journalism, are NOT Periods …. Do they misuse the language for reasons of idiocy or ignorance of the Grammar of the Spanish Language? … I think for both reasons. Moreover, I believe that ignorance leads them to apply idiomatic patterns, and the same automatic application of those patterns make them more ignorant of themselves and their followers.
I propose that you send this message to your friends and acquaintances, in the hope that you will finally reach those ignorant semovientes (non-ignorant, Semovientas), even if they hold Ministerial Portfolios.
I regret to have watered the “Fiesta” to a group of men and women, who had been associated in defense of the Gender, and who had signed a manifesto.
What some signers said in the manifesto:
“The dentisto”, “the syndicalist”, “the pediatro”, “the pianisto”, “the golfisto”, “the arranisto”, “the funambulisto”, “the taxisto”, “the journalisto”, “the artisto” “El telefonisto”, “el transportisto”, “el maquinisto”, “el oculisto”, and other grammatical barbarities.
Pass it through the nets, which hopefully will end up doing well …. IN THE MINISTRIES. Sal2
(Thank you, friend Elias)



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