17 diciembre 2016 at 5:51 pm (Personal)


Once and a thousand times, the traffic of those who command, “too long” in this beautiful country, Spain, in a succession of embarrassing, regrettable and tangled deeds and number of “covert operations” returns to the newspapers to benefit Those of always, that is to say, the backroom of the rich of the country.
A few years ago, our country, was forced to help the United States. In a war that the Americans invented on Weapons of Mass Destruction, which thanks to people who played their life, disarmed the Lie, but our country, still Spain, by the hand of “a boy from the System, Aznar, got us Full in a war, without commanding himself, nor in God, nor his fucking and macarrónico English.
Just a couple of years ago, he put us back in “another Covert Operation … and how to help save banks in Bankruptcy, WITH THE PRICELESS ASSISTANCE, of the usual, that is, the Spanish, by value Of about 87,000,000 billion, that the Spaniards, what they voted for and those who did not, we have to pay, “these wealthy friends, who were in trouble, and once again the Spanish people, come to their aid , “Without drinking or eating it”.autopistas-2
The last thing is that these wealthy gentlemen, were getting “stiff, like the money and investments mojama”, and they are begging the State, in the hands of the usual, why not, we make a new highways or new highways In different parts of Spain, since there are, according to its calculations, many places of this country, deficit of these belts, given the increase of the traffic in the last years.autopistas-3
Well, “the usual ones, in this gigantic Chain of Favors”, (You know … you help me … and later I help you), they put hands to the Work, and build 9 Autovías, Paid, and it turns out, that Time gives and takes away the Reason, Well, do not go through them, just the clueless … like me! That is to say, NO PASSES, they are not profitable nor of pussy. So what ?….autopistas-4
For this government, the continuity of previous, before, … tells us TO ALL SPANISH, THAT THE 5.700 MILLION that are owed, must be paid BETWEEN ALL …
And that there are people who continue voting them! This is not only shameful, it is directly from Jail, to ALL, those who are involved in such maneuvers, seriously damaging the entire Spanish population, that we have no GUILT, And above we have to pay ravings and shenanigans, to those of always , Like airports without airplanes.



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