25 noviembre 2016 at 7:53 pm (el amor brujo)

Today I learned that, things happen when they have to happen. Neither late nor early. That giving “everything” does not mean that you receive “everything.” That a good sowing does not mean a good harvest. That the moments are short and that’s why we have to enjoy them.
That tears do not deserve them who makes them cry. That Love, can not be forced and comes when you least expect it.
That there may be friends who are family, and relatives who are only known. In short, I learned that life is only a matter of living with Love, Honor, values ​​and Faith in things.
That before the life, it is necessary to harden, but never … never … never, to lose the tenderness, no matter what happens.
Relationships are becoming more difficult now, because few take the time to fall in love, conversations, become short texts, calls on pretexts and feelings in hints. The word Love, is used out of context, insecurity became a way of thinking, Jealousy in habit, Deceiving in accidents and being hurt in something naturalam-4.
Never lose your courage in a person who does not know what he has, if you know what you are worth, look for what you deserve …. ”
It is surprising that, despite the negative and positive spurts, which occur in the life of the whole world, we are each responsible for our happiness, whenever we face difficulties. “The truth is what it is, and it remains true, even if it is thought the other way around. (Antonio Machado). “Those who are always back from EVERYTHING are the ones that have NEVER gone anywhere. “Today, it is ALWAYS … still” (Antonio Machado)


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