21 noviembre 2016 at 1:18 am (Personal)

Antonio, I have had, as many people, several cases of accident, but one of them especially, hard, and on a boyfriend’s trip, through the province of Granada. I drove to Almeria, in the province of Jaén, and it was a straight line, when I saw a small tonnage truck laden with beers, that was “picáo” with a car, approached so much, that it gave a touch and went away To crash into a gas station, and the truck, came out in such a way, that I was on two wheels at high speed, that ended up crashing into a van, which minutes before I tried to overtake, which I did not, if not, would not be here.camion-2 The impact was shocking, the truck jumped like a wild pony, and scattered all the boxes of the alcohol it carried, exploding the bottles everywhere. The truck continued to slide at great speed and changed the path and came straight ahead, straight for us. I reacted with a very rapid movement, and went to the road that the truck had left, braking, and with short gears, and I was only a few inches from the slope of the road.
 I got out of my car, and I ran to the truck, which had practically nothing, and ran back to the van (which I mentioned above), and it was terrible. The driver was crushed, with the body and the steering wheel, with a river of blood, and I did not realize, in the meanwhile, pieces of everything, bottles, boxes, there was, a lady in the middle of the road lying on her back , Shattered and dead as well. A lot of people called the Civil Guard, who came quickly. The next day in the press we read, this episode so tragic and ……. we did not realize that also in the twisted irons of the van, there was also a child, who also died. I have it in my head yet. Sal2


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