6 noviembre 2016 at 4:15 pm (el amor brujo)

A happy family is at the dinner table when one of the children asks a question … .Papá..¿ many types of breasts or tits woman there ¿? The father somewhat surprised, replied:
Well son, there are three types. 15 to 30 years, women have breasts like apples or pears, firm and cute, gives pleasure to see. Age 30 to 50, are as mangos, still beautiful, though a little fallen …. .A 60 years, they are like onions … onions son says ¿? … The father replied Yes. When you look makes you want to mournhombre-de-los-15-a-los-30
This explanation bears daughter, to tell her mother … Mom .. How many types of penises there ?? The mother is also a bit surprised, but looking at the husband responds: Well dear, a man goes through three distinct phases. Of 15 years at 30, the penis is like a log of jacaranda, respectable and firm. Age 30 to 50, in penis is like a log Weeping Willow, flexible but reliable.
After 60 years, the penis is like a Christmas tree. The daughter says … tree Christmas Have .. The mother replies: That’s right, Dead from root to tip, and ..as decoration hanging balls !!!!!! And the worst: ” mounted only once a year !!!!!!
Nieves Cucala. A very cordial Out2pechos-15-30


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