9 agosto 2016 at 8:12 pm (Personal)

As has already published a few days ago ‘by the press, it has been authorized in several Spanish cities, to go to the cinema, theater, cafes, restaurants, (will soon) on the bus, Metro, in the cabin aircraft, (will soon), museums, libraries and be like the scrum.
The dog as an animal it is, is contributing to humanity in endless tasks that man has used and uses, such as for people with disabilities, such as blind or elderly people, who keep him company. In the field, in many different forms, such as cattle, the custody of the plot, farmhouse, or piece of land, and thousands of committed to the can.
Okay, they are very fond, and there are many people who have him as a son, I sit at the table and others, okay. People give kisses on the mouth, because it is already family, mouth his, the dog, who has been on the street, smelling shits hundreds of stray dogs, and of course urine, and hundreds of asses and others … And there are other people who use it for other purposes … not a moment that can transmit any disease to them, with love, stand clear.perro-4
As the news began weeks ago in Catalonia, which could already ride on the subway, the dog since. Already has uncovered the pot, and you can go to the movies, (barking at each other, I suppose) to coffee shops, and same to restaurants, theaters, weddings and communions. They say … “if shits, I pick it up and point.” Just a few days ago, on the seafront in my city, you see that you got a lot of jam or ice cream, or go figure, that “left a trail of diarrhea of ​​several meters and … How is it clean ¿?. ….. with anything, there he stood, and there were many passersby, who stepped on the poop “new child”, and this time it was shit, (people who stepped on) in the owner-family …. he disappeared. There you take. Out2


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