31 julio 2016 at 6:14 pm (50 cosas que)

The expert sexologist in relationships Tracey Cox, a regular in the British newspaper The Dayly Mails, believes that a lot of women are conditioned by a series of “sexual sins that ruin your sex life, can easily be fixed, apprehensions, Taboos, complex, annihilating any chance to enjoy.abu-2
For example, oral sex, is the way most people reach orgasms more intense. Another detail of this information, says that 95% of women who practice masturbation reach orgasm much more easily.
Whether for convenience, because they have found in the usual ritual, the fastest way to reach orgasm, exhaustion or by plain and simple sloppiness. … There are many women who commit sexual sin of not wanting to try new things in bed. Nothing kills FASTER THE SEXUAL LIFE OF A COUPLE OR ANY OF THEM, systematically refuses to leave the comfort zone, “doing business as usual.abu-3
Nothing kills faster sex life of a couple, says Cox sexologist, REPEATING THE SAME RITUAL IS NOT THAT CAN BE BORING, is repetitive and routine boring, therefore, highly desirable that both parties strive with desire and intelligence, provide all the “possible Imaginário” to make this so important in relationships, something sublime act, and not a “routine pastime.
Spanish proverb says … “I can not find at home, seek out” and is what is happening. Out2abu-4
P.S. The basis of this publication El Confidencial the 07/16/24 day, and journalist Alba Ramos Sanz.-


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