22 julio 2016 at 7:33 pm (Personal)

COPS trigger-happy
It is understandable that a country like the US, immensely large, need of police services for state security, like other countries, but with the peculiarity that everyone who wants to can buy a gun, with a simple card play marbles, for example.
This “personal weapons” comes from the creation of this great country, when millions of people took to look for land to live, entering thousands of conflicts with the Indians already living there, which incidentally killed 19 million of them of all races, published in the Journal months ago Very Interesting and nobody remembers “it.”poli-4
Both the powerful National Rifle Association, and the American Constitution, and adopted it, almost everyone has a gun, “as in the Age of the American West”. That said, when there is an incident, (every day) with firearms, the police themselves say that “they” have even better weapons than the police. But such is the situation in the streets, that, in this street violence, much used the “fire and then questions,” so we are seeing every day.poli-7
They are seeing situations with detainees, almost immobilized on the ground and released him two shots. We know the risk to the bodies of state security in the streets, but I think “are spending seven villages, police trigger-happy”, especially black people, which is what has led to several shootings killing police, to the abuse of power of these institutions.poli-5
Understandably, the scare that lead in the body these agents, whenever they have to patrol, by neighborhood-cities, which be afraid, engaged in masonry, but you can not shoot people, like yesterday, a therapist who was serving in the street a person for cramps, and appeared “blue men” and gave him a shot in the leg … whew!, and was also black.
It means following the saying “Shoot and then Questions, this is reality. salu2



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