21 julio 2016 at 7:44 pm (Denuncias)


Does the sun … is the Government of Spain ¿?
The figures of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), said that in the past seven years, Spain has gone from second in the world in photovoltaic power to the tenth.
Everything was going great in this business on a global scale, with thousands of workers technically prepared, making exports, creating solar farms, supplying clean energy to villages, small towns, installations of all kinds, and “someone”, on the one hand government, under pressure from power companies, is removed from the sleeve a Royal Decree 900/2015, with completely unworkable and conflicting points and completely wrong.
These policies clumsiness, destroyed an important business for our country, and the creation of thousands of jobs, especially for the people who bet thousands, self catering, detail this that the “electric” did not liked a hair, as part of the “nougat” will end if we signed up thousands of citizens to renewable energy, forgetting the extortionate charge of each month.
And there’s something else, that citizens, we have been “living dead” that is that this government still says that the sun The sun is yours, sí..sí, belongs, and therefore we put a tax, which is the Royal decree.huertos-2
That is, we put a hand on one side or the other, and with the fucking “political clumsiness interested” have struck a grand business, with thousands of jobs highly qualified, now devoted to junk, I guess.
Digital base newspaper El Confidencial on 07/20/2016 by journalist Rafael Cuevas information. Out2
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