18 julio 2016 at 7:22 pm (Tecnología y medicína)

sexo-2The question of pleasure and the pursuit of Happiness, has always been a huge attraction for philosophers from Plato to Nietzsche, from Aristotle to Mill, Hume Epicurus. And it also seems irresistible to the great mass of people who are not dedicated to professional philosophy, judging by the big blockbusters that are getting a swarm of self-appointed shamans, alleged prophets and irrefutable cantamañanas, which make up what is known as “Happiness industry.”ejerci-4
But the science of happiness is something else. One of the best experienced psychologists of our time, the psychologist at Harvard University DAN GILBERT. And the data say that the secret of happiness is in FOUR daily activities, accessible to any pocket, and are “SEX-YEAR-MUSIC- AND CONVERSATION”. (Self-help books do not appear in the list).música-6
Psychology is a fundamental experimental part of the so-called cognitive sciences, an alloy of Neurobiology, genetics, molecular biology, physics, mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence and Yes psychology today, is our best hope of understanding the human brain, (which has 200,000 million neurons that carry inside the skull.conversacion-8
Article published in the DigiCal Country dated 07/17/2016 by journalist Javier Sampedro. Excellent!. Out2 sAL2.


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