14 junio 2016 at 7:58 pm (no me digas)

That was work cleaning the back of the King … (MORAL)
Oddly us today may seem, the position of ‘Groom of the Stool’ (real limpiaculos, would call us) was, during and since its inception in the sixteenth century, one of the most sought after of the royal court English centuries. You were lucky if you played a folksy and demure king, but if it was abundant and lover of spicy foods, the work could be a real brown.
It was Henry VII, according reveals the Historic UK, the first monarch who felt the need for someone to take charge of the maintenance and cleaning of your anus blue bloods page. Office soon became important, since the boy spent long stool quality time in intimacy with the King assisting to withdraw its heavy, complex and expensive clothes so he could make belly relaxed and dignified.
The position required walking all day between towels and bowls or basins, carrying the heavy chair shitting by palace, monitor diet and mealtimes King and organize your schedule based on the habits of your gastrointestinal tract.enrique octavo Not easy. In addition it was necessary to have some education (you had to make conversation to the sovereign in your relaxation), so it used to be provided to the gigs youth of the aristocracy. In fact intended thrive families craved one of its members in charge of the most important backsides of the country. If the kids were good climb, they drew a generous pay, they gave used clothing monarch and could even become the king’s personal secretaries. We know if during the selection process took into account the smoothness of the skin of the palm of the hands of the candidate, since the paper was scarce.Enrique VIII
During the four centuries of existence as clean ass king (it was abolished in 1901 under the reign of Edward VII) there have been few notable incidents. Henry Norris, for example, was executed by order of Henry VIII after being accused of paying particular the sexual organs of Queen Anne Boleyn attention. ¿Political plot? ¿Cuernítis acute attack? ¿Rough hands? The ‘mad king’ George III (1760-1820) used for his seat on the throne no less than nine clean waiters eyelets. One of them, John Stuart, became British Prime Minister, demonstrating that the popular belief that certain asses take good care can help to rise, at least in politics has a real base …


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