1 junio 2016 at 10:57 pm (Denuncias)

Every day are coming to us, information, videos how bad are faring Venezuelans, with the great crisis that created the still president of Venezuela, beautiful country, imprisoning all opposition, all plebiscites as Maduro lost, they have been canceled, and creating a commission-Express judges, some very old and retired and other young people too, who have been admitted and indoctrinated to invalidate everything that moves in Venezuela.
this oldcaos-2
bus driver, ascended to heaven from politics, by his friend Chavez has radicalized life in general its position against the population voted him one day, in a dramatic way in all spheres of daily life. Venezuela has a shortage of ALL and the population is suffering and much, not being able to buy food of any kind, after spending, hours, days and nights in queues in supermarkets, and when the turn comes, there is nothing to buy . But if you have seen supermarkets for the wealthy, absolutely equipped with all foods mundo.vene-2
If this is dramatic, hospitals, are a real drama. THERE IS NOTHING to treat the sick. Doctors are constantly complaining directors thereof, but there is not as basic as are injectable, gauze, cotton, and the worst medicines zero. Many of them, was that the elevators were not working and had to climb the stairs sick with the bed and everything. He said yesterday, still President Maduro, “is that Venezuelans spend many medicines.”. Chavez has become a dictatorship, it said Jose Mugica, president of Uruguay, who told Maduro, who is crazier than a goat “.vene-3caos-3
And I wonder, like so many thousands of people in the world, and army say? … Perhaps ..¿ are not seeing the looming catastrophe ¿?. Would you give the same, since they, come and eat every day ???.
It is a pity and a shame to have that “creature president, so fat (him not miss anything) not to say bullshit and people dying for lack of medicines, and grief for his immaturity as president. salu2


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