15 mayo 2016 at 12:02 am (el amor brujo)

They call it love.
We talk every day to make love. But you dig into the matter and it often is just sex. What it is very pleasant and necessary practice, of course, but just that.
We’ve all been attracted to a person at a given moment, obviously we have not lying, I say lying because it is the way to symbolize the act. But this time is the first phase of another meeting on another occasion, if any, if we have copulated, but I think that love was not present, rather it was the attraction, accompanied by the need to enjoy any living creature. Then the destination will fit and write its history.amor-2
Love is give everything for the person you love, even in the distance, is to be faithful in thought and deed.
I do not think about filial love, at this time since it is a concept already innate in us when we are born until we die, unless some Denatured not have.amor-3
Occasionally open my trunk feelings, and find past loves, I love that failed to term simply because in my life had drawn another way. I believe sincerely that, although my heart surrender to someone else, the memories of yesteryear left a notch in the soul.
After life puts obstacles needed to validate feelings, because like everything in this world. Things do not work effortlessly.



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