C L I M A T E C H A N G E .-

5 mayo 2016 at 12:26 am (Denuncias)

Already been gathered, the most influential and powerful in the world, at the negotiating table on an issue that is vital to human survival countries, ie us, which is the worrying climate change.
A few years ago, the world’s politicians, they laughed, saying this so important to our lives, things matter was environmentalists. Nope. It is an extremely worrying issue, given the greenhouse gases, have changed, and how, the pattern of life we ​​still have.sequias-4
You have to be brave, or yes, and put on the table, the effective reduction of gas emissions into the atmosphere, factories around the world, factories, throwing thousands of tons fireplaces, and of course, the burning of fuels fossils, as polluting as coal, among others.sequias-3
It is necessary and urgent, change the energy model, renewable energy. There are millions of Km2 worldwide, who have been abandoned by farmers, because for years it does not rain, and if it does is sulfur. A large and powerful businessmen, they care very little happens this.
For over a year, not to raise the temperature. It is highly alarming, winters that are no longer, massive glacial detachment, opening navigation, when it was impossible until a few years ago. Governments will have to apply strong laws to make them effective YA, before this is over.sequias-4
Gentlemen leaders of the world, as you know, this is not a joke, we’re playing, and seriously with our world where we live, create laws to respect and execute YA, before the dramatic situation we are living, with extreme droughts, or on the contrary, massive floods, all this work of man. salu2



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