14 abril 2016 at 11:51 pm (Denuncias)

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Nobody knows anything. Documents signed by account holders Offshre, overseas, never better, have no idea why have some accounts in Panama, Nassau, Maldives, and a lot of islands in the world. They ask the headlines, and what a shame !!, not aware that they have accounts in these beautiful and very distant places and they do not know is … Offshore.
Offshore Banking means = Operations in Tax Havens-Outside the Costa- of Ultramar outside the country Baja Taxation-Extraterritorial-abroad- Outsourced …………descarga
When this “Personal Rico” is put in the hands of law firms and banks, it is simply to “interest” that goes Offshore matter. They explain, with talent and professionalism, which is to send huge amounts of money abroad to avoid paying in the country of origin, in this case Spain. These “creatures” put their pocket money in a safe place, “for tomorrow” and thus pay taxes in your country, is minimized … .until poverty, but if they use all services for the citizen .
In the various press conferences, all “involved” Well, everyone, so to speak, absolutely deny having millions out. No need, go overseas to take it warm, we in the South, Gibraltar, where they have been, well known characters with black bags of thousands of Euros, “disembarking content” in more than 1,000 offices Offhore there Rock-Territory in Spanish-, indeed. Also to the north, we Andorra, famous for the “Catalan clans” where have transported huge amounts of money, in a thousand different ways, including the wheels of vehicles, transport trucks and hundreds of tricks. Easy, you arrive with your bags, packages, drums … etc … “… and …… .¡ downloads Wing Hop !!! …. to Singapore, I think we get a good interest rate.images (2)
Has been the paradox, “a high-flying bird”, lots of money was there, he caught, and has no money to post bail to get out of jail again, because it claims that it has money. Having has, but as money escapee, you can not recover it to exit the “hotel” state.
Look gentlemen, to the US are shocked, the amount of “crickets” emerging from under slabs. From policy makers, entrepreneurs, writers, mayors, mindundis of politics in general, as Mr. Roca who bought boxes and boxes of wine Petrus laureate, to satisfy the palates of the builders and more people.
If all this we add, invoices without VAT, and the underground economy amounting to ………… .Well I do not say, because someone may scare very seriously. salu2



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