21 marzo 2016 at 8:33 pm (Frases)

All women of the world are eager to get home, to take off his heels, except those living in the upstairs ……
“Life is like a roundabout, you never know where you will leave an asshole” … ..
” I come in peace !!!!”
And the ax ¿? ….. You Fool For if you put yourselves !!!.
“When Madurese find me on the swings …… .I am”.
Two tramps under a bridge … .; each other.
I recognize that I have returned to vote the same, I can not risk losing what we have already achieved !!!!
A Child to Your Friend … “No Me Gusta Easter .. !!! friend: You do not have to go if you do not like !! …. El Niño … ‘I live in the center of Seville !!!!.
If your girlfriend tells you, he loves you with all his might, then loves you, because the sum of all forces equals CERO.-
A COUPLE AT HOME: We’ve lost the spark … Before you fuck you loved on the table …. And now I feel tense …… It’s that are eating Children¡¯s !!!!!!
A CHICA.- A pretty girl says: I have a new guitar. I’ll play a while ..¡ guitar and will premiere tomorrow !!
DA = But do not let you use them. AMA = But do not let your heart be abused. TRUST = But do not be naive. HEAR = But do not waste your own voz.- Salu2
Waiter, to take some spaghetti, and my wife a pizza with mushrooms, eggplant, and olives … Caprichosa ¿? .. Until eggs have me !!!!.
Mom … I how I was conceived ¿? … Well, Dad put a seed, watered, grew marijuana, and smoked us … .me slammed into the washing machine …… ..ima-5
I have a question … .¿ Sex reconciliation must be the same person who you fight … or be with another ¿.?
My Child, you’ll drugs ???. Daughter: No, why did … Mother: Because you’re chopping onions with the Visa ….
I Love … I ….- makeup depends much ??? ..? Are you going to go out with your friends or think ?? kill Batman.
FRASE.- DA- But do not let you use them. AMA But do not let your heart be abused. Confides But do not be naive. ESCUCHA- but do not lose your voice.
FRASE.- The idea is to die young as late as possible ….
My Mother in Law, thinks I’m God … .sabe that I exist, but I can not see ….
FRASE.- Did you know that man suffers more than you think, that what actually happens ??.ima-6
FRASE.- what today is not valued … … .mañana laments.
THE SUEGRA.- The mother wanting fracas … asks the nuera..¿ Why my grandson, not my son looks ¿? ¿… The daughter answers … I do not know lady, I have a vagina not a photocopier !!!.fo-2
One night, a man did not sleep at home. The next day he told his wife that he had slept over at a friend’s house. She called 10 best friends of her husband. 8 confirmed that he slept at home …. And 2 said they STILL, was there … this is friendship … or not ??? .-


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  1. birdiemiranda1144 said,

    Tja, klingt ja alles nicht so positiv. Aber ich freue mich schon auf “Auch Paris liegt am Wasser”. ud83dude09 Click


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