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To complete our GENERAL CULTURE! Prince Don Juan, son of Ferdinand and Isabella, decided to create in 1497 a house known as mancebía due to the large presence of women “happy life” in the city of Salamanca. That same year the prince dies at the age of 19 years. The official opinion stated that his death was due to an effort in their married love of an heir, but the people commented that the cause was the disease contracted in its alternate with certain women. women. The brothel, which was submitted to the contest by opening speech, stood next to the Colegio de Fonseca and certain rules were established: the profession could not be exercised by married women, parents in this city or mulatto. Before nightfall, women had gathered in this house and remain there all night. Those ejerciesen and leave the city had to wear petticoats sprigs brownish gray as distinctive, hence the famous saying “go peaks” go brown peaks “. The fine for not wearing clothing amounted to 300 maravedis, and was prohibited from exercising on holidays, during Lent and Vigil. The “whores father” was in charge of the order of the neighborhood and the pass that women and women to pass medical checks.mancebía-6 The function which was known is what has led to the famous “Monday Waters” “Monday Waters” .The Ash Wednesday the whores father met all these women to get them out of the city and take them across the river where they spent the 40 days of Lent. The octave of Easter, 8 days after the Resurrection, students journeyed to find women in boats, because they could not pass through the Roman bridge. The boats they were adorned with many branches, which came to be called “harlots” “harlots” women who harbored in the brothel. That evening all the people of the city approached the river to gossip and celebrate the joy of students and loose women. On this day of joyful life. On this day hornazo field, a pie made from flour wheat stuffed best ham, chorizo ​​and back of the house, accompanied by a good wine picnicked.mancebía-7 Today the water every Monday salamantinos take the field and some are close to the banks of Tormes to celebrate this day accompanied by hornazo, which also serves snacks in their usual accompaniment or family celebrations Curious, no?



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