24 febrero 2016 at 11:20 pm (50 cosas que)

Humans usually get used to what you have, and no longer appreciate the blessing of having a good match. Carelessness, laziness, unwillingness to maintain a love, because today there are many opportunities to meet other people, attractive, restless, to discover adventures, filled with incredible expectations that the couple current or dare do, Denial, opacity, lack of innovation, lack of put a little more “joy” that the “fucking” calls does not go out, you will pass the terrible routine, which is destroying all. Many people do not take into account this detail.amor-4
That is usually done in the most promiscuous in the world Spain ?. Easy. I’m looking for a stranger, yes, with him, I realize all the fantasies of my mind. At this fateful point, we must be honest-ta, and say, “I want to be free.” Why not do these fantasies with my current partner ¿?. Because the problem that there is no filing, and what comes is to end as soon as possible ¿?.
Often, many, we hurt, by active and passive. What we want to talk, you talk …. But forget all that has been said, but not worth it, believe me, they all have one side of the story. Fatigue, talking into the ravine.baile-del-regazo-2-200x300
Silence is wise.
“Sometimes you have to give to people, not because you care about, but not because you do not care about them.”.
“Anger is a fad, but the disappointment is much larger, dangerous and even UNFORGIVABLE” .-amor-5



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