15 febrero 2016 at 6:54 pm (no me digas)

A little as in the film Man Horse Whisperer, recent research suggests that horses may be able to read the emotions of human beings, at least positive and negative expressions. The research was published in the journal Biology Letters, and he analyzed 28 horses.
Apparently without prior training, the horses shook their heads to look at the image with their left eyes when the expression was negative, given the specialization of the right hemisphere in the processing of threats (information from the left eye goes next right brain). Your heart rate also grew faster. In the test, simply they showed them photographs of two male unknown happy and angry faces.caba-5
Explains Amy Smith, co-director of the work and member of the Research Group of Cognition and Communication Mammal Vocal University of Sussex:
We check that horses react more to negative than positive expressions. This could be due to the importance of recognizing threats. In this context, distinguish angry faces could help them anticipate abuse.
Karen McComb, a professor of Animal Cognition and Behavior at the University of Sussex and co-director of research, also noted:caba-6
There are several explanations for our findings. The horses could have adapted to their relationships with humans an ancient skill designed to recognize emotions in other members of their species. It may also be that some individuals learn during his life to interpret the expressions of people. What is interesting is the finding that the horses are able to break the species barrier and recognize emotions in humans, despite the tremendous difference between facial morphology of each other.
Via | ABC



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