6 febrero 2016 at 1:24 am (Denuncias)

When he started “chicken” in Greece, more than one said, OMG !, the corrupting moved there in that country, of important significance in the history of mankind.
And over time, we have come face to face in our country called Spain, yet it is here, not a tidal wave, so there is a Tsunami of corruption at all levels.
Every day, there is a corrupt, both political, business, documentary, boxes and other alphabet A.B.C.D episode of great significance.
I think it should be allowed “from the highest levels, (must be Divine, of course) every politician should have intervened phone, whatever it is, private or of the mails, because it is through them, and then at lunch and dinner, where he forge the cream of the shamelessness, which is that you can save.
It is “trapichea” insiders, all that the Government is going to spend in the next 10 or 15 years, railways, airports, motorways, roundabouts, detours, ports and countless projects, modernity and good performance from a country.
There is a curious detail, when the specification is open to define, “who” will make this or that work, What a coincidence that of all, always come out the same, or premiums before! !!!! Curious. No protest, because silent mouths with minor works, or other “stories”.
That’s what I say, that it should intervene those phones, and topo kind of electronic gadget. That was entrusted to the Civil Guard, (the poor as throw hours after the day over all phones), but there is a but … ..siempre that our Constitution forbids … Too bad, would prisons filled with people of good eating and drinking, playing cards.
It happened when Judge Garzon, ousted by the (higher Divine Instances,) bugged jail, attorney-inmate, and we found most corruption scheme ever discovered in Spain, because the Constitution says that no you can do and …… .SE JUDGE CHARGED … .. damn, send eggs the event.
So it would be good for democracy, for the people to see, unless one goes around comes around and that the monumental tantrum that we have to vote them (over this), that when stopping a BIG SHOT come your law firm , and get first to release him, and second, definitive, they put two years in jail, it will not, and still …… stealing.
We are sick and tired, to say nothing .- !!!!



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