8 enero 2016 at 7:35 pm (Diario)

A few days ago, the online newspaper El Confidencial, brings to the table information and opinion, the subject “Shower Night or Day” (Rising from the dreamy bed).
Many people think that they do in the morning, “because the clearance, very hot shower,” but the pseudo scientists say, “than the early-morning warm shower rather than clear, produces a calm, (a bore) and requests rest rather than go to work, or to visit Coffee Shop, or stores almonds.ducha-7
That’s the feeling, at least to me gives me, when you come out of the shower so relaxed would like to do “other things”.
And I wonder. When a person is all day working in different environments, it makes sense to get home, shed “all” clothing, soaked with sweat, body fat, snuff, pollution, handshakes, hugs, let alone related, factories, workshops, and a long etc, to arrive, eat and lie down, everything that leads your body.
It seems strong, and it seems that many people do. What will the wife, friend, lover that is covered with an immaculately white sheet, the type smelling of sweat and pollution?du-6
Suppose, like me, who do sports, get home as if I had thrown a bucket of water over his head, and two … .you get into bed without further. Clearly we would have a pitched battle, and as punishment, no dessert.
It is true, they usually do very occasionally, get up and shower with enough hot water, but as I did before going to bed, but this morning shower “raises many senses” and can be exploited that side, but you get the calm. Let everyone do his coat a .Salu2 Sayo



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