7 enero 2016 at 8:40 pm (el amor brujo)

There are years so beautiful, we feel them going through the heart … They are years full of joy … of hope … They remind us years to make you feel younger years … They are not heavy, unlike pass as fast as we wanted to stop in each experience we are smiling, happy …
There are years that make us feel powerless, that weaken us and we want to finish very soon … It is sad years, perhaps with marked absences, perhaps with a farewell that was burned into memory, or perhaps at a loss as larger than even make us feel we are sailing aimlessly … They are years that weighs the pain, anguish, and where chest pain and a “knot tightens the throat …”Amo-5
There are years that is so cute keep as a treasure in the almanac forever remember …
There are years that we prefer to start the almanac to forget …
I do not know how was your 2015, I just want to wish that 2016 will be much better …
Life is not easy sometimes difficult to face the pain, hard time saying goodbye to someone we love, hard to see at dinner places we never thought we could be empty, costs cope with the disease and often even more difficult for us to start over, get up again … But life goes on and we never know what is behind so many emotions, so many feelings, so many experiences … We should only bet with faith and hope for a better future, a better life …Amo-6
So I raise my glass and toast to you, wishing you every bubble burst and sprinkle with good health, love, prosperity, peace, happiness and everything nice that you deserve.
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