ACCIDENT Super Puma AS-332.-

1 noviembre 2015 at 3:10 pm (Denuncias)

Today the newspaper El Mundo, who is not afraid to tell the truth, today released, the investigations carried out about accidents Super Puma AS 332, Sebastian Ruiz, his son recently died in one of them. Irregularities and abuses that have been committed so far, beyond imagination for anyone.morenes
These pilots, young and well educated people, they are risking their lives, with junk helicopter, as Sebastian said. There is another reason, which is the lack of spare parts, repairing devices used parts from another helicopter.
Burning engines, and must return emergency lights do not work, so they can not see how high are the sea as altimeters also fail, and we must turn flares, a support plane, which seems One of them was hooked own helicopter, markers gas turbines engine lubrication point.Super-4
That is, let’s see, a ship is not a bicycle, any screw worth it, but in this case, a “done deal” because the authority in charge orders out, or yes, becomes a potential security threat the flight and its occupants. Sebastian Ruiz, had access to the report on the accident of his son CITAAM (Commission of Military Aircraft Accident Defense to advance the conclusions state that “the human factor as the cause of the accident)
Dead dog rabies is over. No right to life for his young country, very regrettable and deplorable conditions and controls that do not meet any objections are played, you have to fly … period …… .and dead, I keep in my office, and drivers the cemetery, and nothing happens heregeneral-3.
Well, if it happens, my captain, lieutenant, colonel, Minister Morenés. Not just shake hands and condolences to the families, for what the fucking picture. This is a shame, people that life is played by others, are dying by the fucking budgets. If you have an army, and is on this fucking government, we must offer the best, if he sees that they can not have all the guarantees, have none, and will prevent more people die while in the offices should be shut, as a command says “Military course” that you’re not interested … DOOR. Send cojones.-



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