27 octubre 2015 at 11:05 pm (Diario)

Yesterday I received a letter from your lawyer inviting me to enumerate the commons, in order to begin the process of dissolution of our marriage.

Here I submit that list, so you can apply for certification to the notary (…) (…) and have ready all written before the court appearance.

You see, I have divided the list into two parts.

Basically, a section with the things of our five years of marriage to which I would like to stay and another with whom you can be yourself.

For any questions or comments, you know that you can call to your office (eight to four) or mobile (up to eleven) and will be happy to go over the list with you.

• The feeling of goose bumps on my forearms when you first saw it in the office.
• The slightest trace of perfume hung in the elevator one morning, when you get off on the second floor, and I did not even dare speak to you.
• The nod with which you accepted my invitation to dinner.ena-4

Mascara stain left on my pillow at night I finally slept together.
        The promise that I would be the only kiss the constellation of freckles on your chest.
• The bite I left on your shoulder and had to hide with makeup because your wedding dress had a neckline word of honor.
• The raindrops that got tangled in your hair during our honeymoon in London.
• All the hours spent watching, kissing, touching and talking. (Also the hours I spent just dreaming or thinking of you).

• The silences.
• Those warm kisses and poisoned, whose main ingredient was routine.
• The acrid taste of insults and recriminations ..
• The feeling of anxiety to reach out at night to discover that your side of the bed was empty.
• Nausea clambering down my throat every time I noticed a strange smell in your clothes.
• The tingling in my blood rotting every time you encerrabas in the bathroom talking on the phone with him.
• The tears I swallowed when I discovered that foreign scratch your groin.
• Jorge and Cecilia … The names we liked for the children that we never have.

With respect to other objects that we have gained and shared during our marriage (car, home, etc.) you can quedártelos all. At the end of the day are just that: … objects.

Finally, remind the No phone my lawyer (…….) so that your lawyer can contact him and they deal with divorce submit a statement to reaffirm our conviction.

Sincerely, Roberto.

NOTE: III Contest Winner Antonio Villalba Love Letters (Argentina)



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