7 octubre 2015 at 10:36 pm (no me digas)


A man calls his wife from work and says …. ‘Honey, the boss asks me to accompany him to
fishing in Canada with some very important clients …. We’re a week and this will be a very good opportunity to get my long-awaited promotion.
Do not forget to put enough clothes for a week, plus dela rod and hooks the bag, that when you leave the office what happened to look … Oh … and do not forget to include my blue silk pajamas!
The wife thinks this sounds a ‘bit’ strange … and that was most striking that needed such a fancy for a fishing trip pajamas, but as good wife did what her husband asked.Azul-2
A week after her husband returns .. a little tired … but happy.
The wife welcomes you and asks … much fished ??
– Phew … – he answers – do not leave a trout or to sample.

But … Why you not metiste my blue pajamas like I asked?

And the woman replied … Yes, yes I did …

No, – he answered him looked good and was not.Azul-3

She replies: I would have seen if you had opened the tackle box …

Intelligence is something acquired SLOWLY AND SACRIFICE


When a man goes with fruit, she already comes with the jam, so do not dis live.


Send it to men and women with head who can laugh ….(Teacher: Because before sex helps to undress each other and after each dressing Sex only ….?
In life, “Little Grasshopper,” when no help ….. if you’re fucking help before, is going to fuck you ….. !!!!!)



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