Differences between Almeria and Málaga.-

1 octubre 2015 at 2:03 pm (Denuncias)

Just a few days ago, met with pomp and solemnity, the Bureau of Railway Infrastructure, where diners gathered, was the entire political establishment, employers and unions, to resume, once again, the issue of the arrival of AVE, passenger and goods, and it rains it pours for years.
Let’s see Mr. Mayor and other companions. Malaga, Almeria was like a small town, with its customs, its people salerosas, and, for example, the Rally of the Costa del Sol, which we seized, perhaps because of apathy entrepreneurs and people. Today Malaga is a huge cosmopolitan city with nationalities from all over the world, thriving where they exist.Al-6
Its current mayor who has been in office for many years, like ours, Rodríguez Comendador, sounding surnames, Malaga has made a real empire, money, business, arrangement, and follows it, in neighborhoods that were destitute , a role model, the Perchel, Trinidad, and many more that I have seen, as if he had touched with a magic wand … NEW, adecentados, thorough cleaning.
The infrastructure that has been made for the arrival of the AVE, longed for Almeria, have been spectacular and expensive, but they are there working. If we go to the port, is another amazing work, as has been gaining ground for all Malaga, visiting daily, the docks of the same, with local entertainment, dining or shopping, a real treat, and if we add Cruise visits (they have become up to five of the largest, at a time.Al-2
In Almeria, get some, very few, and worst on Sunday, and is closed all Almería … .manda eggs.
If we move to the cultural, it is madness. Picasso Museum, Pompidou Museum, Thyssen Museum, and the last to join the city, the Hermitage Museum, the Soviet Union.
It is very likely that mr. Mayor of Málaga, must more than water in Loja, but what’s done is done …. And a lot.
We return to the beginning. All these characters have noted at the beginning, social and political forces have agreed to meet again on the 29th of October “no rush” to press, pamphlets, demonstration of hundred people at most, and then after , photos and food, and everything will be, as always, nothing.Al-4
No compromise, no force, politically, Zero, not because we see our mayor fighting with his own party, to demand improvements for the city of Almeria, so as usual, as the song, all at their posts , good wages, and receivable. Salu2.-



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