29 septiembre 2015 at 12:36 pm (Frases)

I do not want you to love me, If you do not love me, but if I want … ..Quiero you want me, as I love you I love you !!
Too bad that people used to wait all week for Friday, all year, for holidays and …. life to be happy.
Whatever you do, some people Amarán Never, Other, never cease to do so. Go to where there is love !!
There will always be someone, that although you do not realize, will be day to day worrying about you … I !!
Do not tell too much about you to others when hurt, people have long memories !!!Universo-2
Now I realize that it is in my hands to be happy or keep crying up to me and my destiny. I realize that you fight over who will, without forgetting the fine line between losing and losing dignity pride. Struggle, to the point where you get it, or fold, in time, to fight for new things, meet new people and find good ways!
By Marianne monterola Proal.-
Never give up on your dreams, follow the signs. Paulo Coelho
I love, is present time, I loved, it’s past time, future time and love is love without being loved, is wasted time !!!!
I’m so happy that I get when I sneeze confetti !!!!Universo-3
Only he who knows is free, and freer, the most knowledgeable … Just culture gives freedom … Freedom proclaméis not fly, but give Alas, not thinking, but of thoughts. Freedom to be given to the people is culture Miguel de Unamuno
A dictionary is Suicide … every time you type using the letter K, instead of the Q



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